5.4 Earthquake hits off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.

5.1 Earthquake hits Vanuatu.

4.9 Earthquake hits the Celebes Sea.


Wildlife authorities say the strong earthquake off the coast of El Salvador destroyed more than 45,000 endangered sea turtle eggs .

The director of the turtle conservation program for the El Salvador Zoological Foundation says the 7.4-magnitude undersea quake sent at least three waves at least 30 feet high up the beach and destroyed thousands of nests and just-hatched turtles.

In the last year and a half the foundation has successfully hatched and released 700,000 turtles from four species at risk of extinction.


Drought could affect Kansas nuclear plant output.

If the current drought in the USA persists as predicted, the reservoir that feeds a lake used to cool the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Kansas will be nearly dry, prompting concern the plant might not be able to continue to provide electricity.


2 people have died in an outbreak of Legionnaires disease at the Chicago Marriott Hotel. 6 further people have been reported as having contracted the disease.

Authorities in Cuba have reported that the recent Cholera outbreak has run its course. 417 people were sickened and 3 people died.


Wildfires that started burning in the forests and bog lands of eastern Russia at the beginning of June 2012 are still burning unabated.

Wildfires burn across Bulgaria. The State is unable to handle with large extent of the fires and has asked for international help.

Villagers and firefighters throughout southern Bosnia are wrestling with devastating wildfires in a region that has seen record high temperatures and no rain for over two months.

Storms and Floods

Hurricane Isaac hits the USA Gulf coast, bringing welcome rain to the drought ravaged southern states. Residents in New orleans await the effect of the expected storm surge to see if the flood measures rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina hold. No mass evacuations have been ordered.

Tropical Storm Kirk forms in the Atlantic.

Tropical Ileana forms in the eastern Pacific, but is not expected to threaten land.

A fresh wave of floods hit Sonitpur, India. 5 000 people in 10 villages are affected.