Anthrax outbreak on a ranch in Colorado, USA kills cattle. It is the first anthrax outbreak in Colorado in 31 years.



Wildfires in Bosnia-Herzegovina set off explosions in a Bosnian minefield left over from the 1990’s war.

Wildfire rages through 1 000 year old monastery in Mount Athos, northern Greece. Hundreds of residents and tourists flee.


Storms and Floods

The first week of August 2012 saw Hurricane Ernesto push into the Yucatan Peninsula and Tropical Storm Haikui push just south of Shanghai, China. Neither system was too strong, but both provided heavy rains and strong winds in these regions.

Tropical Storm Ernesto brings heavy rains to El Salvador and is expected to make a second landfall in Mexico.



5.6 Earthquake hits Revilla Gigedo Islands region. [Off the Pacific coast of Mexico].

5.4 and 5.3 Earthquakes hit the South Sandwich Islands.

5.2 Earthquake hits the Lombok region, Indonesia.

5.2 Earthquake hits the southern mid-Atlantic Ridge.

4.9 Earthquake hits the south Atlantic ocean.

4.9 Earthquake hits off the coast of Oregon.

4.9 Earthquake hits off the west coast of South Island, New Zealand.

A second 4.5 Earthquake hits southern California, USA [Orange County].


Floods and Extreme Weather

Metro Manila, in the Philippines, a city of 12 million people struggles to recover from the flooding brought by typhoon Haiku. More than 2 million people remain affected by the floods. At least 23 people have dies since Sunday.

South Africa has seen an extremely rare countrywide snowfall after a previously mild winter. Extreme icy weather conditions saw Pretoria have its first snow since 1968 while some areas in Johannesburg had the first snow since 1981.



The drought in the United States has expanded to include 63 % of the country. Corn prices have risen to near record highs. Wheat and soybean prices also soar on expectations of global food shortages.



An outbreak of a variant of swine flu has infected 141 people in Indiana and Ohio. No person-person transmission has been found.

More than 8 million chickens have been destroyed on farms in northern Mexico due to a bird flu outbreak.



Wildfire on the Greek island of Kos forces evacuation of three tourist hotels. No injuries reported.