Survivors of a series of earthquakes, including two 5.6 magnitude that killed 81 people and injured more than 800 in a mountainous area of southwestern China were desperately waiting for more aid to arrive Sunday as jolting aftershocks kept fears high and hindered rescue efforts.

5.5 Earthquake hits the Kuril Islands off Alaska.

5.1 Earthquake hits San Juan, Mendoza Province, Argentina.

5.0 Earthquke hits south of Java, Indonesia.

2 x 4.9 Earthquakes hit off the west coast of northern Sumatra.


The first eight months of 2012 have been the warmest of any year on record in the contiguous United States.


Wildfires in Wyoming, USA prompted authorities to evacuate 500 people from Casper Mountain and warn 1,000 people in Jackson to be ready to leave.

The massive 260,000-acre Mustang Complex wildfire in Idaho, USA which started in July drives hundreds from homes as it threatens two communities.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storm Leslie headed on a northward track toward Canada’s Newfoundland early Monday, after its outer bands buffeted Bermuda with a day of gusty winds and rain that caused little damage.On Tuesday Tropical Storm Leslie’s stiff winds and heavy rains lashed Newfoundland as the storm made landfall, knocking out power in several communities, forcing the cancellation of some flights and the evacuation of some residents.

Heavy rain floods parts of central Nova Scotia, Canada.

Heavy rains this year in Argentina have flooded 3.5 million hectares (8.6 million acres) of farmland outside the capital, causing millions of dollars in losses for farmers and ranchers.

Sukhothai in Thailand floods as levees break after heavy rains.

A heavy downpour has hit Southwest China’s earthquake-hit county of Yiliang early Tuesday morning, triggering floods to cut off roads and force thousands to evacuate.