Hantavirus outbreak in Yosemite National Park, USA. The rodent-borne lung disease has killed two people and sickened 4. 10 000 tourists are at risk. Park visitors who exhibit strange or flu-like symptoms are urged to seek immediate medical attention.


The number of large Earthquakes increased in August –

7.7 Sea of Okhotsk on the 14th. 7.3 El Salvador on the 27th. 7.6 Philippines on the 31st.

The last month that there was a magnitude 7 quake was in April.

5.3 Earthquake hits Svalbard in the Arctic off the east coast of Greenland.

5.1 Earthquake hits eastern Iran.

4.9 Aftershock hits the Philippine Islands.

Storms and Floods

The storm surge from Hurricane Isaac made the Mississippi River flow backwards for 24 hours on Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Leslie strengthens in the Atlantic and will affect Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands today.

More than 400 000 people have been left homeless and lost their property in widespread floods in Niger.


New Activity/Unrest has been reported at the following volcanos:

Havre Seamount, SW Pacific | Grozny Group, Iturup Island | Soputan, Sulawesi | Soufrière Hills, Montserrat | Tangkubanparahu, Western Java (Indonesia) | Tungurahua, Ecuador.

Ongoing Activity:

Batu Tara, Komba Island (Indonesia) | Cleveland, Chuginadak Island | Fuego, Guatemala | Galeras, Colombia | Karymsky, Eastern Kamchatka (Russia) | Kilauea, Hawaii (USA) | Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia | Popocatépetl, México | Sakura-jima, Kyushu | Santa María, Guatemala | Shiveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia).


5.7, 5.6, 5.3, 5.3, 5.1, 5.1, 5.0, 5 x 4.9 Aftershocks continue to rattle the Philippine Islands following yesterday’s major Earthquake.

5.5 Earthquake hits North Island, New Zealand.

5.3 Earthquake hits Chiapas, Mexico.

5.3 Earthquake hits the Gulf of Aden.

5.2 Earthquake hits the New Britain Region, papua New Guinea.

5.0 Earthquake hits the Galapagos Islands.

5.0 Earthquake hits northern Colombia.

5.0 Earthquake hits off the coast of central Chile.

4.9 Earthquake hits south east of the Loyalty Islands.


Global food prices rose 10% in July according to the World Bank’s food price index due to the drought across the USA midwest, Russia and Europe.

Maize and wheat prices rose 25% and soybean prices 17% during the period June – July.

The highest price increases were seen in Africa with maize rising 113% in Mozambique and sorghum rising 220% in southern Sudan.

Despite the rising prices, the organization said it does not predict people will riot as they did in 2008 when food prices last spiked to record levels.


An outbreak of Newcastle disease in southern Minnesota, USA has prompted the closing of islands in Minnesota and Pigeon Lakes.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms Kirk and Leslie in the Atlantic are not expected to impact on land at this stage.

Tropical Storm Ileana remains far off Baja California and is also not expected to make landfall.

Flooding in northern Cameroon kills at least 14 people, displacing 22 000.

Flooding and locust swarms in Chad add to the region’s food crisis.