5.7 Earthquake hits Luzon in the Philippines.

5.4 Earthquake hits the New Britain region, Papua New Guinea.

5.3 Earthquake hits the eastern Caucasus.


As global warming has thawed ground in northern Russia that is usually permanently frozen, a variety of mammoth remains have been uncovered. Researchers say this is the best-preserved one ever found.


At a glance, the environmental benefits of electric vehicles seem obvious. No exhaust pipe means no harmful pollutants? However, it’s where the electricity comes from to power the car which is a huge factor. Recent research shows that the manufacturing of electric cars is more environmentally taxing than producing conventional cars. [Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology] Electric vehicle production can produce twice as much climate change potential as the production of conventional cars.

Much of the performance of EVs environmentally has to do with how long they’re kept on the road. They are efficient, so the longer they stay on the road, the more they can make up for the impacts of their production. And, in places like Europe where electricity is generated from a wide variety of sources, including renewable energy, they do represent a 10% to 24% decrease in global warming potential (GWP) relative to conventional diesel or gasoline vehicles assuming lifetimes of 150,000 km.

If you live somewhere with oil or coal-fired power plants, then having an electric car is actually far worse for the environment than a comparable gas or diesel car. This includes many areas of the US.


Large bushfire burns in the Gold Coast hinterland, Australia. A one-kilometre-long grass fire is burning near Austinville.


Karnataka, India is facing a drought and water levels in reservoirs across the Cauvery river basin have dropped due to insufficient rains, due to a weak monsoon.


A new earthquake swarm has started yesterday at the El Hierro undersea volcano off the Canary Islands. The number of quakes rose from an average of about 8-10 to 23 quakes. Most of them are weak and located at around 10 km depth in the western El Golfo area.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storm Olivia forms in eastern Pacific but poses no threat to land.

Another band of rain hits South West Britain and has swept across Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia and southern England. More floods are expected.

Tropical storm Gaemi is forecast to slam into Vietnam’s central coast over the weekend, dumping heavy rains and strong winds in the Central Highlands coffee belt. The storm is however, then forecast to dissipate due to the frictional effects of land.