6.3, 5.0 and 5.0 Earthquakes hit the Banda Sea, Indonesia.

6.0 Earthquake hits the Gulf of California.

5.8 Earthquake hits Antofagasta, Chile.

5.1 Earthquake hits Azerbaijan.

The recent small Dallas, Texas Earthquakes may be tied to wastewater disposal from fracking. Three unusual earthquakes that shook a suburb west of Dallas over the weekend appear to be connected to the past disposal of wastewater from local hydraulic fracturing operations.

Space Events

Newly discovered Asteroid 2012 TC4 , 22 meters in size, will pass by earth on October 12th just 0.2 lunar distances away (1/5 of the way between the Earth and the Moon).

Meanwhile, newly-discovered asteroid 2012 TV was flying through the Earth-Moon system 0.7 lunar distances away (about 2/3rd of the way between the Earth and the Moon) on Sunday. The 40 meter-wide space rock is glowing like a 13th-magnitude star.


Mount Lokon in North Sulawesi province erupted on Sunday afternoon as heavy rain fell around its cloud-covered crater. The sound was heard 5 kilometers away but the height of the eruption was not visible. The volcano spewed smoke and ash and caused muddy rain to fall in nearby villages.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storm Prapiroon, which spawned overnight Sunday, is lurking nearly 800 miles south-southeast of Okinawa, drifting slowly west.

Tropical Storm Nadine finally broke up after tying the record for longest-lived storm. The storm grew into a hurricane three times, lost its tropical status once, made two loops and brushed the Azores twice on a twisting path around the central Atlantic as the basin’s 14th storm of the 2012 season.

Tropical Storm Olivia is strengthening over open waters in the eastern Pacific but poses no threat to land.