5.5 Earthquake hits Kepulauan Sangihe, Indonesia

5.4 and 4.9 Earthquakes hit the South Sandwich Islands Region

5.2 Earthquake hits Southern Iran

5.0 Earthquake hits near the south coast of Papua, Indonesia

4.9 Earthquake hits the Talaud Islands, Indonesia.


Due to the drought in the USA, Europe and Russia, world and US corn stocks are smaller than traders expected. US corn stocks are the lowest in 17 years, equaling a 3-week supply. USDA has cut Australia’s wheat crop estimate by 12 pct and Russia’s by 3 pct.

Corn futures were up 3.6 pct, soy up 2 pct on USDA data.


Six penguins have died in a malaria outbreak in the London Zoo. The birds contracted the avian strain of the disease from mosquitoes.

Environment – El Nino

The tropical Pacific continued its retreat from El Nino thresholds for the second consecutive fortnight, ocean temperatures cooled, remaining within the neutral range (neither El Nino nor La Nina). Chances are favourable that sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean will remain at neutral levels, though still warmer than average, for the remainder of 2012.

Storms and Floods

Heavy rains have caused flooding in Russia’s southern region of Dagestan, near the Caspian Sea, leaving seven people dead.

Typhoon Prapiroon has intensified and is located approximately 240 nm south of Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan. Typhoon Prapiroon is the twenty-second tropical cyclone of the western North Pacific Ocean, making for a very active season.




Prapiroon formed as a tropical depression over the western Pacific Ocean on October 7, 2012. It strengthened into a tropical storm the following day, and on October 9, it became a typhoon.