5.4 Earthquake hits southern Taiwan.

5.2 Earthquake hits central Peru.

5.1 Earthquake hits Guatemala.

5.0 Earthquake hits the southern Indian Ocean.


Jakarta sinking as water supplies dry up

Experts in Indonesia are preparing to build a huge wall to stop the ocean from swamping parts of Jakarta. Some suburbs in the capital already go underwater when there is a big tide but the problem is expected to get even worse.

Jakarta is sinking by up to 10 centimetres a year and Indonesia’s national disaster centre says with oceans rising, large parts of the city, including the airport, will be inundated by 2030. Flooding and high tides are already causing problems for some residents in the city of 10 million people.

Storms and Floods

Landslide in Colombia

Bodies of five victims have been discovered. At least 20 people are still expected to be buried under the debris. Seven people were injured and a number of vehicles buried in mud.

Landslide occurred road between the cities of Neiva and San Vicente del Caguán to the south-west of the capital of Colombia.

Colombian Landslide photo recent natural disasters

Tropical Cyclone Freda located approximately 465 nm northwest of Noumea, New Caledonia.

Snowstorm in Boston, United States

Snow emergency declared in parts of Massachusetts, Boston.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of eastern Massachusetts.

Flooding in central Greece

One person reported to be killed in rainstorm in Vathylakos of Karditsa in central Greece.

Due to overflow of Sperchios river, over 4 million square meters have flooded near Lamia, in central Greece.

Around 200 roma people are living in evacuation center.

A river has also overflown at Kalamos, north of Athens.

A state of calamity has been declared in 11 towns of Capiz, in the Philippines that suffered from flooding due to Typhoon Quinta.

Calamity declared towns are Panay, Pontevedra, Panitan, Maayon, Sigma, Mambusao, Dumarao, Dumalag, Tapaz, Cuartero and Dao.