Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

6.0 Earthquake hits near the east coast of Honshu, Japan.

5.4 Earthquake hits the southwest Indian ridge.

5.3 Earthquake hits near the east coast of Honshu, Japan.

5.2 Earthquake hits the Iceland region.

5.1 Earthquake hits near the east coast of Honshu, Japan.

5.0 Earthquake hits Fiji.

5.0 Earthquake hits south of Fiji.

Quakes Push Canary Islands Up 11cm

Multiple earthquakes over the Easter weekend around El Hierro, one of the Canary Islands, have raised some parts of the island by as much as 11 centimetres (4.3 inches). A 4.9 quake on Sunday was the most powerful in a wave of seismic activity that has swept the archipelago in the past two weeks, with many moderate quakes and 129 quakes below 1.3 magnitude through Saturday.

Storms and Floods

Summer Storm Hits Chiang Rai, Thailand

A severe summer storm in Chiang Rai province of Thailand has damaged more than 1,400 houses. It is the biggest summer storm in 50 years.

Flash Flood in Jonglei State in Sudan

A flash flood in Jonglei state in Sudan has displaced more than 12,000 people.

The Nile River flooding in Sudan has affected Jalle, Twic East, Maar and Lith payams districts.

Flooding in Kajiado, Kenya

Flooding in Kajiado district of Kenya has claimed at least four lives.

The floods have mainly affected Nkoroi, Magadi and Kiserian areas of Kajiado district in Kenya.

Other News:

Heavy rains with hailstorms have hit Islamabad and Rawalpindi areas in Pakistan.


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity:

Stromboli (Eolian Islands, Italy): The NE crater continues to produce spectacular and relatively large explosions of bursting lava bubbles. Tremor as well is elevated.

Etna (Sicily, Italy): (31 Mar) Etna volcano might have begun a process of deep transformation in its eruption style, new scientific studies suggest. During a recent field trip in order to sample the lava erupted during the latest New SE crater paroxysm on 16 March 2013, members of OPEC (Osservatorio Privato Etneo di Catania) found, along with the usual basaltic black lava commonly erupted pieces of the extremely rare so-called “white lava”.

El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain): The situation has been a bit calmer today, with still continuing earthquakes, but their frequency and strength has become less compared to yesterday (when there were two earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 and 4.9.) Tremor pulses also have become weaker and shorter, and currently, tremor is near absent. Whether this means that the end of the crisis is slowly approaching remains to be seen.