Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.8 Earthquake hits the Northern Territory, Australia.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storm Yagi was located about 393 nm southeast of Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan.

Extreme Weather in South Africa

14,337 homes were affected by Cape weather over the weekend. South Africa experienced freezing temperatures, with winter floods reported in Knysna and snow in higher altitudes. 52,529 residents, mostly in informal settlements, were affected by the flooding and inclement conditions. The city experienced extreme weather conditions including strong winds, heavy rain, flooding and extremely cold conditions. A total of 42,402 blankets, 45,090 hot meals, 22,488 brunches, 27 food parcels, 767 flood kits and 332 baby packs were distributed to those affected.

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Extreme Weather in China

Torrential rain, hail and floods have affected about 98,717 residents in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since Tuesday, local authorities reported on Sunday. Strong rainfall began on Tuesday and has continued into Sunday morning,affecting Xinjiang’s northern and western areas of Altay, Aksu and Tacheng.

The rainstorms have damaged over 12,300 hectares of crops and killed 2,340 head of livestock, while 303 houses have been toppled or damaged, forcing the evacuation of 939 people. The rainstorm has also triggered torrential floods, destroying parts of channels, sluices and infrastructure as well as electric wells, bridges and roads.

Monsoon Storms in Sri Lanka

Monsoon storms in Sri Lanka have claimed the lives of at least 18 people, with another 36 missing.

Most of the fatalities occurred after boats carrying fisherman were caught in rough waters. Special operations by the Navy and Air Force have rescued 20 fisherman but 36 are still missing at sea.

Flash floods in Mindanao, Philippines

Flash floods and landslides in Mindanao, Philippines have claimed the lives of at least four people and left another two missing. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, flash floods and landslides have affected over 700 families.

Central European Floods

Thousands of emergency workers, troops and volunteers in Germany are battling Europe’s worst floods in a decade, while the swelling Danube has Budapest on high alert.

Rising waters in Germany have forced mass evacuations in what’s being called a “national catastrophe”.

009318 germany struggles to hold back floods

As Hungary braces for a deluge in its capital on Sunday, bolstering sandbag barriers with the Danube expected to reach historic levels, German rescuers are focussing on the eastern city of Magdeburg.

Vast areas around the city are covered in a sea of brown water, sparked by recent torrential rains which have washed down the Elbe river system from the Czech Republic.

The water level in Magdeburg reached 7.45 metres in the morning, up from the usual level of around two metres and worse than massive floods that struck the region in 2002.

Despite frantic efforts to secure it, a dam broke on Sunday south of the city where the Elbe meets the Saale tributary, the local crisis command said, urging 150 remaining local residents to seek high ground.

Almost 3000 people were evacuated from Magdeburg’s Rothensee district, where hundreds of army troops are struggling to reinforce a dyke protecting a crucial electricity facility.

President Joachim Gauck on Sunday toured the flood-hit states of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, where in many places only roofs and tree tops stick out of the water.

So far the floods on the Elbe and Danube river systems have killed at least 18 people, including 10 in the Czech Republic.

Ironically, the sun was shining above Germany’s flood zone, forcing the thousands packing sandbags to ask for sun block and insect repellent.

More townships were evacuated around the Elbe town of Barby. Some of the 8000 residents of nearby Aken were taken to safety on military personnel carriers and ambulances.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is planning a crisis meeting with state premiers to assess how the cost of the disaster will be shared, the Leipziger Volkszeitung daily reported.

“We’re dealing with a national catastrophe,” Gerda Hasselfeldt, MP for the conservative Christian Social Union, who chairs a group of states in the Bundestag, told the newspaper.

The situation in the Czech Republic is returning to normal, after the crest of the flood passed through.

“The danger lasts even in places hit by the flood” as the soil is still soaked, Prime Minister Petr Necas said on Saturday.

The rains have also severely swollen the Danube, hitting especially Germany’s Bavarian city of Passau, where the mighty waterway meets two other rivers.

The high river has sparked emergency responses as it runs through Austria and Slovakia into Hungary on its way to the Black Sea, but so far the region has dodged major disaster.

Hungary’s defences held firm on Sunday morning as the flood peak moved through the northwest toward Budapest.

No casualties have been reported in Hungary although about 1000 people have been evacuated. So far, around six million sandbags have been used.

The river was forecast to peak at 8.95 metres in Budapest late on Sunday.


Wildfires – Heatwave Conditions – USA

The Southern Idaho wildfire season is officially underway. This after two wildfires broke out in the last twenty-four hours in hot, dry conditions, scorching several hundred acres.

One person died in heat wave conditions near the Nevada/Arizona line, while four boy scouts were rescued near Lake Mead after temperatures reached 110 degrees F.


Foot-and-mouth disease hits cattle in China

An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease has been confirmed in cattle in southwest China’s Yunnan province, the agriculture ministry said Sunday. A village in Shangri-La County reported that 283 head of cattle had shown signs of the disease.


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity:

Veniaminof (Alaska Peninsula, USA): Over the past 2 days, AVO has detected gradually increasing seismic tremor beneath Veniaminof and therefore raised the Aviation Color Code to Yellow and the Volcano Alert Level to Advisory. Clear web-camera and satellite views currently show nothing unusual at the volcano. Similar seismic activity has been associated with ash emissions at Veniaminof in the past, most recently in 2005.