Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.9 Earthquake hits Crete, Greece.

5.8 Earthquake hits the MacQuarie Islands.

5.0 Earthquake hits the MacQuarie Islands.


Novel Coronavirus – Saudi Arabia – Update

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has announced an additional three laboratory-confirmed cases, including one death with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

Storms and Floods

Severe Weather and Storm Warning – Europe

Portions of Germany, Poland, Belarus and the Ukraine will be the focus of severe weather on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday the risk for severe weather will shift to a storm over western Europe, bringing the potential for heavy showers and thunderstorms to France, Belgium and far western Germany.

Heavy downpours and large hail will be the primary threats, while damaging wind gusts will also likely be present.

Other News:

Landslide near Motueka in the Tasman district of New Zealand has claimed life of an woman. Heavy rains have also brought floods to the region.

At least one person has been killed in flooding in the Mexican city of Piedras Negras on the border with Texas, USA.


Drought in Angola and Namibia

Severe drought in Namibia and Angola, the two countries are witnessing the most significant cross-border movement since the civil war, with Angolans and their herds of livestock coming to Namibia in droves in search of grazing.


Wildfires – USA

The Black Forest fire in Colorado has become the most destructive fire in Colorado history. 473 homes have been destroyed as of Saturday morning. The fire has burnt 15,700 acres.

The fire is now 55 percent contained and that is expected to increase as the week continues, with a full containment date estimated for Thursday, June 20.

Several wildfires have sprung up in south-west Utah in extremely dry conditions.