Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms

No current tropical storms.


India – 24 students from a college in Hyderabad have been swept away by a sudden surge of water in Himachal Pradesh. A search is on for the missing students following the surge of the Beas river in the Kullu valley. One state official said the surge was a result of water being released from an upstream dam. The students had reportedly left a bus to take photographs when the surge occurred.

Afghanistan – The death toll in the Afghanistan floods has risen to more than 100 with another 100 injured. The flash floods have completely destroyed around 850 houses across several villages and damaged more than 1,000. All the roads leading to Gazargah-e-Noor district have been destroyed or badly damaged.

Colorado, USA – The Storm Prediction Centre reported that 8 tornadoes touched down in Colorado near Denver on Sunday. One, near the town of FairPlay damaged several trailer homes.

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Deadly starfish disease explodes on Oregon coast

As scientists continue to puzzle over the cause of a devastating starfish disease, the outbreak this month spread rapidly north along the coast of Oregon, where ocean experts are now expecting a widespread die-off with some local extinctions of starfish possible.

Sea star wasting syndrome is a traumatic process in which, over the course of a week or less, the sea stars begin to lose legs, disintegrate, ultimately die and rot. They sometimes physically tear their bodies apart. Various epidemics of the syndrome have been observed in the past, but none of this extent or severity, according to information released by Oregon State University.

The spread into Oregon is part of an epidemic of historic magnitude, one that threatens to decimate the entire population of purple ochre sea stars, according to OSU marine biologists.

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Drought in Syria

The drought threatens to put new pressures on Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, where Syrian refugees are already straining the water supply.

Drought in South America

The price of coffee is on the rise. It’s all due to the continuing drought in South America.

Horn of Africa

A recent climatic early warning report is out on the irregular rainfall situation experienced in the current season by the Horn of Africa may presage more drought.

California Drought

Record heat in Sacramento. Residents can expect record breaking heat with a high of 104. The old record – 102 degrees – was set last year on June 9.

Heat Wave in India

Thousands of people enraged by power cuts during an extreme heat wave have been protesting across northern India, setting electricity sub-stations on fire and taking power company officials hostage after power outages due to the dry and hot weather, officials said on Saturday.

A state utility official said thousands ransacked an electricity substation on Friday near Uttar Pradesh’s capital city Lucknow, taking several workers hostage until police intervened on Saturday morning. Elsewhere, angry crowds set fire to electricity substations in Gonda and Gorakhpur.

The mercury touched a new high of 47 degrees celsius in the state capital, while Allahabad was the hottest place in the state with 48.3 degrees celsius. Banda was a close second with 47.6 degrees celsius. In most other places, the maximum temperature hovered between 44 and 47 degrees celsius.

The Met office said there will no respite from the intense heat in the coming days.There is no likelihood of any change in the heat wave conditions for most part of the coming week.


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity

San Miguel / Chaparrastique volcano (San Salvador) activiy update: gas and ash emissions Tremor amplitude at Chaparrastique volcano over the past weeks (MARN) Tremor amplitude at Chaparrastique volcano over the past weeks (MARN) The Chaparrastique volcano continues to emit pulsating gas and sometimes ash plumes from its crater. Tremor has been showing large fluctuations over the past days and now risen again. Civil Protection in San Jorge and local observers in the village of El Carreto reported some millimeters of ash fall on the northern flank of the volcano. The volcanic system remains in a highly unstable state and a larger eruption could occur with little or no warning.