Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Tropical Storm 20w (Nuri), located approximately 130 nm west-northwest of Chichi Jima, has tracked northeastward at 12 knots.


Italy – Italy’s agricultural heartland in the fertile north was particularly heavily hit by the flooding. Mud and water have destroyed orchards and vineyards in the regions of Tuscany, Liguria and Veneto. One person died in the floods in Tuscany. Near Milan, heavy rain swelled the Po River by almost 2 meters (yards) in 24 hours. The civil protection agency warned of dangerous weather from Liguria in the northwest to the southern island of Sicily. Italy’s unstable, mountainous landscape leaves it vulnerable to flooding and landslides, a problem long made worse the abandonment of farmland and reckless construction.

Space Events

Taurid Meteor Shower

The Taurid meteors, sometimes called the “Halloween fireballs,” show up between mid-October and mid-November, and these slow and majestic meteors are typically at their best from Nov. 5 through Nov. 12.

Unfortunately, the presence of a brilliant moon will seriously affect this year’s Taurid meteor shower. The moon, in fact, turns full on Thursday (Nov. 6), the so-called “Beaver Moon” of November. On that night, bright moonlight will flood the sky much of the night, squelching all but the brightest meteors. Thereafter, as the moon sets later in the evening and slowly wanes in brightness, the visibility will gradually improve.


Venezuela – Tropical Diseases

Venezuela is in the grip of one of the worst outbreaks of tropical diseases in decades, and the response by public health authorities has been slow and inefficient, two non-governmental groups reported Tuesday.

In 2014, Venezuela had over 150,000 recorded cases of dengue, malaria, and Chikungunya, the report said.

The country also had 1.2 million fever episodes without a precise diagnoses.

The epidemic is one of the worst in 25 years, said former health minister Jose Felix Oletta.