Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Tropical storm 22w (Twenty-Two), located approximately 156 nm south of Chuuk, and is tracking west-northwestward at 13 knots.

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Jamaica – Flooding caused by heavy rains has flooded a main road in Jamaica trapping people in their vehicles. Floods have also collapsed a bridge in the central area of the island.

El Niño – The on-again, off-again El Niño ocean warming in the Pacific appears to be more likely to soon appear, according to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology.The agency predicts a 70 percent chance of the phenomenon occurring during the next few months, up from a 50 percent chance just two weeks earlier.Sea-surface temperatures have continued to rise across the tropical Pacific, threatening to bring parts of Australia extreme heat and drought.Many in California have been counting on an El Niño to help alleviate a parching drought across that state.Recent rains spurred on those hopes.


Hundreds of Dead Sea Lions Found on Peruvian Beaches

Peruvian officials were trying to find out what killed about 500 sea lions found rotting on a stretch of beach in the north of the country.

Police were reported to be investigating allegations that the marine mammals had been poisoned by coastal farmers and fishermen who harvest shellfish.

In early November, the bodies of an additional 187 sea lions were found farther to the north of Peru, along with four dead dolphins and the corpses of sea turtles and dozens of pelicans.

Peru and parts of Chile have experienced a string of marine wildlife fatalities in recent years.

In April and May of 2012, thousands of dolphins and seabirds were also found dead in northern Peru.

Offshore oil exploration was blamed for the disaster.


Global Warming

UN climate talks begin in Peru

UN climate negotiators are meeting in Peru to try to advance talks on a new global agreement.

One hundred and ninety-five nations have committed to finalising a new climate pact in Paris by 2015’s end.

The process has been boosted by recent developments, including a joint announcement on cutting carbon by the US and China.

The two weeks of discussions start amid record-breaking global temperatures for the year to date.

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa), the global average temperature over land and ocean from January to October was the hottest since records began in 1880.

There is likely to be plenty of heat at the UN meeting as well, as long standing divisions between rich and poor could, once again, hinder progress.

Delegates will try to finalise the key negotiating texts that will form the basis of the Paris deal.