Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

No current tropical storms.


India – Another avalanche, this one in Chhiyalakh on the border with Nepal in the Pithorgarh district has claimed the lives of two soldiers and left one missing. A heavy snowstorm has affected the rescue operations in the area.

Brazil – Flooding in Brazil has affected more than 75,000 people, according to local emergency services. Classes have been cancelled at Rio Branco schools and a state of emergency has been declared in the area.

California, USA – A fast-moving storm through Southern California on Monday dumped so much hail on Huntington Beach that it appeared to turn white.

Huntington beach hailstorm Southern California

Argentina – The heaviest rain in decades pounded much of central and western Argentina on Tuesday, prompting evacuations, even as wildfires roared across much of the parched far south. Rain has been heaviest in the provinces of Cordoba, San Luis, Santiago del Estero and Santa Fe’s capital city of the same name, forecasters said.


Wildfires – Cape Town, South Africa

The fires that started two days ago in Peck Valley, Muizenberg, are still raging on, and are reportedly the worst the region has experienced in years.

Smoke from the fires, are visible from all over the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, and can be clearly seen in satellite pictures.


Wildfires – Argentina

The southern Patagonia region is dry and in some cases forests are ablaze.

At least 34,000 hectares (84,000 acres) of forest have already been destroyed by the flames, which started two weeks ago in the Cholila lake region, according to national fire management chief Fernando Epele.

Local authorities first said lightning triggered the fires. But federal officials have said arson cannot be ruled out in some cases of potential “burn and rebuild” land speculation.


Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity

Villarrica (Central Chile): Activity increased to a paroxysmal eruption this morning, as strombolian explosions merged into sustained tall lava fountains several hundreds of meters tall, feeding lava flows on the upper slopes of the volcano. The ash plume rose approx. 3 km above the volcano and caused moderate ash fall in nearby areas. Red alert was declared in the municipalities of Villarrica, Pucón and Curarrehue in the La Araucanía region, as well as in Panguipulli in the Los Ríos region. More than 3300 people were evacuated.