Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.1 Earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic ridge.

5.0 Earthquake hits the Sunda Strait, Indonesia.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

Gl sst mm

In the Eastern Pacific: Tropical Depression Ivette is located about 935 mi…1505 km E of Hilo Hawaii and about 1135 mi…1825 km ESE of Honolulu Hawaii with maximum sustained winds…35 mph…55 km/h. Present movement…W or 265 degrees at 8 mph…13 km/h.

Tropical Storm Javier is located about 75 mi…125 km se of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with maximum sustained winds…50 mph…85 km/h. Present movement…NW or 310 degrees at 10 mph…17 km/h.

In the Western Pacific: Tropical storm 07w (Omais), located approximately 230 nm east of Yokosuka, Japan, is tracking northward at 10 knots.

Tropical depression 08w (Eight), located approximately 364 nm west-southwest of Wake Island, and is tracking west-northwestward at 04 knots.


Mexico – Landslides triggered by Tropical Storm Earl’s remnants have killed at least 40 people in Mexico, officials said late Sunday, as a new storm threatened the country’s Pacific coast. Hardest-hit was the central state of Puebla, where 29 people died, including at least 15 minors, as landslides buried several homes in the state’s northern mountains. Another 11 died in similar circumstances in the eastern state of Veracruz. Earl swept in from the Caribbean at hurricane strength Wednesday, striking just south of Belize’s capital. It hit Mexico as a storm on Thursday and eventually weakened to a tropical depression. Even in its weakened state Earl carried a deadly punch over the weekend.


Coral reef bleaching in the Maldives

More than 60% of coral in reefs in the Maldives has been hit by “bleaching” as the world is gripped by record temperatures in 2016, a scientific survey suggests.

Bleaching happens when algae that lives in the coral is expelled due to stress caused by extreme and sustained changes in temperatures, turning the coral white and putting it at risk of dying if conditions do not return to normal.

Preliminary results of a survey in May this year found all the reefs looked at in the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, were affected by high sea surface temperatures. Around 60% of all assessed coral colonies, and up to 90% in some areas, were bleached.

The Maldives contains around 3% of the world’s coral reefs and the islands are considered particularly at risk of climate change because they are low-lying and threatened by sea level rises.


Anthrax in France

At least 19 cattle have died from the bacterial pathogen, anthrax, on several farms in Moselle, in northeast France, according to a France-Info report. The farms are located in the towns of Saint-Jean-de-Bassel and Fénétrange, Moselle. To date, four farms are considered to be contaminated.

Dengue Fever in Sri Lanka – Update

Sri Lanka health officials saw more than 7,000 dengue fever cases in July, putting the total cases for the year to date to 30,041. This total for the first seven months of the year is more than the total number of cases reported in all of 2015 (29,777). 50 dengue-related fatalities have been recorded this year so far.

The capital city of Colombo’s district has seen the most cases in the country with 9,696, followed by Gampaha (2649), Kandy (2354) and Kalutara (2243).