Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

6.9 Earthquake hits the Solomon Islands.

6.1 Earthquake hits the Solomon Islands.

5.6 Earthquake hits the Solomon Islands.

Three 5.5 Earthquakes hit the Solomon Islands.

5.3 Earthquake hits the Solomon Islands.

Two 5.2 Earthquakes hit the Solomon Islands.

Five 5.1 Earthquakes hit the Solomon Islands.

Four 5.0 Earthquakes hit the Solomon Islands.

5.0 Earthquake hits near the east coast of Honshu, Japan.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the North Indian Ocean: Tropical cyclone (tc) 05b (Vardah), located approximately 880 km SE of Nellore is tracking west-northwestward at 06 knots.

Cyclone Vardah is intensifying and is expected to cross the Bay of Bengal in the next two days, the Tamil Nadu Meteorological Department has predicted that it will make a landfall between Nellore and Machilipatnam on the evening of December 12.

Clouds 1000331 7


Cholera in Yemen – Update

The number of cholera cases in Yemen has grown by more than 1200 cases in the past week, bringing the total suspected cases of cholera to 8975, including 89 deaths, according to The Ministry of Public Health and Population Thursday.

Arkansas mumps outbreak tops 2000

The country’s largest statewide mumps outbreak just continues to grow and The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) reports as of today, 2,042 suspected and lab confirmed cases.

The outbreak is currently affecting 50 workplaces, 33 schools in 3 school districts, 5 colleges/vocational schools, and 1 private school, according to the ADH.



Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity – Ongoing Activity for the week of 30 November-6 December 2016

Turrialba | Costa Rica : OVSICORI-UNA reported that at 1130 on 6 December an event at Turrialba generated a diffuse ash plume that rose 400 m above the crater and drifted W

Sinabung | Indonesia : Based on satellite images, wind data, and the Jakarta MWO, the Darwin VAAC reported that on 30 November an ash plume from Sinabung rose to an altitude of 4.2 km (14,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted SE. The report noted that the eruption had ceased and that the ash plume was expected to dissipate in the next hours.

Sheveluch | Central Kamchatka (Russia) : KVERT reported that during 25 November-2 December lava-dome extrusion onto Sheveluch’s N flank was accompanied by strong fumarolic activity, dome incandescence, ash explosions, and hot avalanches. Satellite images showed a daily thermal anomaly over the dome and ash plumes drifting 375 km SE and S on 26 November and 1 December. The Aviation Color Code remained at Orange.

Reventador | Ecuador : During 30 November-6 December IG reported a high level of seismic activity including explosions, long-period earthquakes, harmonic tremor, and signals indicating emissions at Reventador; cloud cover sometimes prevented visual observations. Incandescent blocks were observed rolling as far as 1.6 km down the flanks. Gas, water vapor, and ash plumes were observed on most days rising as high as 1.5 km and drifted SW, W, NW, and NE.

Colima (Western Mexico): The activity of the volcano is picking up: in particular, explosions have become more frequent and gradually larger in size. While the active lava flow continues to creep down the southern flank along with incandescent rockfalls, alimented by the growing lava dome in the summit crater, vulcanian-type explosions of small to moderate size occur at rates of 1-3 per hour, producing ash plumes that rise up to approx. 3000 m and throw out many incandescent blocks onto the upper flanks of the volcano.