Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.4 earthquake hits Khabarovskiy Kray, Russia.

5.3 earthquake hits the island of Hawaii, Hawaii.

5.1 earthquake hits the Bismarck Sea.

5.0 earthquake hits Tonga.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Atlantic Ocean: Hurricane Beryl is located about 830 mi…1330 km ese of the Lesser Antilles with maximum sustained winds…75 mph…120 km/h. Present movement…wnw or 285 degrees at 14 mph…22 km/h.

Tropical Depression Three is located about 145 mi…235 km sse of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina with maximum sustained winds…30 mph…45 km/h. Present movement…nnw or 345 degrees at 5 mph…7 km/h.

In the western Pacific Ocean: Typhoon 10w (Maria), located approximately 298 nm west of Alamagan, is tracking north-northwestward at 04 knots.


Japan – Heavy rain on Japan has triggered floods and landslides, leaving at least three people dead and several missing. The Japan Meteorological Agency said Japan has had “historic” rainfall this week and more was expected through the weekend, urging residents to use precautions and evacuate early to higher grounds. Warnings for heavy rain and flooding were issued in large parts western and southern Japan.


Hippo Cull in Zambia

More than a thousand hippos are slated to be killed in Zambia over the next five years in an effort that the government insists is to control their numbers and to stop the spread of anthrax.

Trophy hunters are being invited to kill up to five of the animals each for a fee of about $14,000.

Zambia says hippos are susceptible to anthrax infection and can pass it on to humans who eat infected meat.

But the animal rights charity Born Free says authorities have failed to provide enough evidence of hippo overpopulation to justify the cull.


Blood Rain in Siberia

Sometimes it seems to rain blood in Siberia. That’s what some locals thought on Tuesday (July 3) when a crimson-colored downpour spilled over a parking lot in the industrial town of Norilsk.

The real explanation — at least the one provided by the local Nornickelmetallurgical plant that took responsibility for the ominous downpour is that factory officials were in the midst of scraping huge amounts of iron oxide residue (rust) off the factory’s floor and roof to improve environmental health and safety. Unfortunately, someone forgot to put a lid on the cache of rusty, dusty detritus, and “a gust of wind blew it over the parking lot while the rain caused it to fall,” Nornickel representatives said in a statement. The rain mixed with the dust, and thus a storm of “blood” filled the factory parking lot.

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Wildfires – California, USA

Crews fighting a fast-moving Northern California wildfire on Friday discovered the charred remains of a person apparently caught in the flames, sheriff’s officials said, marking the first fatality in a particularly intense fire season across the state. Investigators were trying to identify the person found in the debris of a home burned to the ground by the Klamathon fire, which broke out Thursday near the Oregon border during a blistering heat wave and quickly blackened more than 8,000 acres (3,237 hectares).


Slovakia – Measles

An outbreak of measles has been reported from, eastern Slovakia. Since the outbreak began at the end of May in the village of Drahňov, 101 cases of measles have been reported as of July 2.

Chagas Disease – China

Health officials in southern China have appealed on social media for the public to look out for South American “kissing bugs” after a feared outbreak of the potentially fatal tropical disease Chagas, state media reported on Friday.

The insects – also being referred to locally as “the king of fleas” – were described as about 25 millimetres long and oval-shaped, with red or yellow freckles on their dark-coloured abdomens. Triatominae suck blood from human hosts by attaching to thin-skinned areas such as the lips or around the eyes, and infected insects can pass on the pathogen, Trypanosoma cruzi, that causes Chagas, also known as American trypanosomiasis.