Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.1 earthquake hits Vanuatu.

5.0 earthquake hits Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

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In the Atlantic Ocean:Tropical Storm Dorian is located about 15 mi…25 km wnw of St. Lucia with maximum sustained winds…50 mph…85 km/h. Present movement…wnw or 290 degrees at 13 mph…20 km/h.

Tropical Depression Six is located about 365 mi…590 km se of Cape Hatteras North Carolina with maximum sustained winds…35 mph…55 km/h. Present movement…se or 125 degrees at 2 mph…4 km/h.

In the Western Pacific Ocean: Tropical depression 13w (Podul), located approximately 223 nm east of Manila, Philippines, is tracking west-northwestward at 16 knots.


Spain – The streets of Madrid have been turned into rivers as flash-flooding and hail inundate Spain’s capital. One of the worst affected neighbourhoods was Arganda del Rey where cars were washed away in the torrents of water while huge piles of hail built up along some streets. The Spanish subway department declared several metro stations and highways closed because of the destructive impact of the weather. But Madrid wasn’t the only city to be affected by the intense weather – about 300 miles (500km) south, an ominous tornado hovered over the town of Campillos.

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Noxious Cloud of Carbon Monoxide Pollution Spills Out of the Burning Amazon

NASA has detected a gargantuan cloud of noxious carbon monoxide (CO) rising from the Amazon blaze into the atmosphere.

The plume first appears as a greenish blob over Brazil before rapidly spreading out past the eastern and western coasts of South America, gradually darkening from green to yellow to red. This color shift signifies an increase in CO concentration in the atmosphere from about 100 parts per billion by volume (ppbv) to 160 ppbv in less than two weeks.


Mystery Disease – Ivory Coast

Officials in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) are reporting on an unidentified disease that has caused many deaths in Yeretièlé. According to the information received at the level of the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, 28 people have died of this unidentified disease since July.

The symptoms presented include swelling of the face and lower limbs, chest pain, abdominal bloating, general fatigue, constipation and vomiting.

Dengue Fever – Bangladesh

While there are reports of dengue fever admissions decreasing over last three weeks, the number of cases is still extremely high in Bangladesh. During the first 25 days of August, more than 45,000 cases have been reported.