Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.3 earthquake hits the Prince Edward Islands.

5.3 earthquake hits the Solomon Islands.

5.1 earthquake hits Antofagasta, Chile.

5.0 earthquake hits Tonga.

5.0 earthquake hits the Galapagos Triple Junction.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

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In the Eastern Pacific Ocean: Tropical storm 11e (Kevin), located approximately 1124 nm south-southeast of San Diego, is tracking westward at 09 knots over the past six hours.

In the northwestern Pacific Ocean: Tropical storm 13w (Lupit), located approximately 175 nm south-southwest of Sasebo, Japan, is tracking northeastward at 17 knots.

Tropical depression 14w (Miranae), located approximately 118 nm eastt of Yokosuka, Japan, is tracking northeastward at 17 knots.

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Mexico – Vehicles were flipped on their sides and homes severely damaged as powerful flash floods surged through areas along the border between Coahuila and Durango states in Mexico. Torrential rain struck in the city of Torreón in Coahuila State overnight 04 to 05 August 2021. Flood waters raced through streets, dragging vehicles and buildings. Authorities said at least 42 homes were damaged or destroyed and 200 people directly affected. Just across the state border, areas of the city and surrounding municipality of Gómez Palacio were also severely affected. Authorities reported 12 homes were severely damaged or destroyed.

North Korea – State media in North Korea report that floods in the north east of the country have damaged or destroyed hundreds of houses and forced 5,000 people to evacuate. Flooding began after heavy rain in North and South Hamgyong provinces from 01 August 2021. State television said some areas recorded 580 mm of rain in 2 days. 1,170 houses have been damaged or destroyed in South Hamgyong provinces, prompting thousands to evacuate. No casualties were reported. However, floods have damaged wide areas of farmland at a time of growing concerns about North Korea’s food security.


Wildfires – California

Burning through parched fuel like matchsticks, the Dixie Fire in Northern California has mushroomed in size this week to become the largest single wildfire in the state’s history.

The fire, which covers large parts of Butte and Plumas Counties, ignited around midnight on July 14 and has been raging ever since.

Dixie decimated the small Plumas County town of Greenville on Wednesday, reducing parts of the downtown to piles of rubble and leveling more than 100 homes in the area.

Overnight Thursday (Aug. 5), the fire grew by about 70,000 acres (28,327 hectares) and as of Saturday morning, it covers an area of 446,723 acres (180,782 hectares). Containment is at 21%.

Wildfires – Macedonia

Macedonian firefighters, supported by their Austrian, Bulgarian, and Slovenian colleagues, battled a wildfire near the town of Berova in the east of North Macedonia on August 6. Wildfires have been raging for several days in the country, particularly in the east, destroying more than 3,000 hectares of land and forcing the government to declare a 30-day state of emergency.

Wildfires – Greece

Flames swept through a residential town outside Athens overnight as wildfires burned across Greece for a fifth day on Saturday, and hundreds of people were evacuated by ferry from the island of Evia east of the capital.

The fire on Mount Parnitha on the outskirts of Athens has forced the evacuation of thousands of people since late Thursday, with emergency crews facing winds and high temperatures as they battle to contain its spread.



The countries with the 10 greatest number of Covid-19 cases:

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Dengue Fever – Bangladesh

On Friday, Bangladesh saw an additional 214 dengue fever cases, of which all but three were from the capital city of Dhaka. And this has been a repeat story daily in August and much of July when the dengue spike began. More than 4,100 total cases have been reported, with the vast majority reported since July and the vast majority from Dhaka. 10 deaths have been reported.