Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.9 earthquake hits Crete.

5.6 earthquake hits the Near Islands in the Aleutian Islands.

5.1 earthquake hits Vanuatu.

5.0 earthquake hits the Nicobar Islands off India.

5.0 earthquake hits the Near Islands in the Aleutian Islands.


Thousands of cranes killed by bird flu – Israel

An outbreak of avian flu has killed more than 5,000 migratory cranes in Israel, prompting authorities to declare a popular nature reserve off-limits to visitors and warn of a possible egg shortage as poultry birds are culled as a precaution. In addition to the 5200 dead, another 10000 are believed to be infected.

“This is the worst blow to wildlife in the country’s history,” Environment Minister Tamar Zandberg tweeted as rangers in hazardous material suits collected carcasses of the cranes from the lake at the Hula Nature Reserve and outlying marshes. Hundreds of thousands of chickens had been culled, she said.



The countries with the 10 greatest number of Covid-19 cases:

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Chagas Disease – Colombia

The Colombian National Army confirmed that the disease that affected several soldiers who provided security at the Jagua de Ibirico military base in Cesar had Chagas disease. As a result of this pathology, two soldiers died in recent days and seven more remain hospitalized, some of them in intensive care units.

Leptospirosis – Colombia

An alert was issued in the department of Antioquia, Colombia due to the increase in cases of leptospirosis, a disease transmitted by rodents to humans and that, if not caught early, it can be fatal. In the capital city of Medellín, some areas have seen large accumulations of waste. To date, the municipalities of most concern are Medellín, with 70 confirmed cases, Apartadó (54 cases), Turbo (29 cases) and Puerto Berrío (18 cases).