Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.8 earthquake hits Samoa.

5.3 earthquake hits Guam.

5.2 earthquake hits south of Panama.

5.1 earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands.

5.1 earthquake hits the southern mid-Atlantic ridge.

5.0 earthquake hits south of Fiji.

5.0 earthquake hits Taiwan.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Northwest Pacific Ocean: Typhoon 14w (Muifa), located approximately 167 nm south-southeast of Shanghai, China, is tracking north-northwestward at 08 knots.

Typhoon 15w (Merbok), located approximately 552 northeast of Minami Tori Shima, is tracking northward at 15 knots.

Tropical Storm 16w (Nanmadol), located approximately 120 nm south-southwest of Iwo To, is tracking northeastward at 03 knots.

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Pakistan – The death toll from the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan has crossed 1,400, as forecast of more rains in parts of the worst-affected southern Sindh province are causing fears of more flooding. A key power plant in Sindh’s Dadu district, about 335km (about 200 miles) north of the provincial capital Karachi, which supplies power to millions faces a growing threat of flooding, authorities said. About a third of Pakistan is submerged by melting glaciers and record monsoon rains that began in June, affecting more than 33 million people. The government revised its initial estimate of losses from the devastating flooding from $10bn to $30bn last week.

Global Warming

Middle East Heating Nearly Twice As Fast As Global Average

The Middle East is heating at nearly twice the global average, threatening potentially devastating impacts on its people and economies, a new climate study shows. Barring swift policy changes, its more than 400 million people face extreme heatwaves, prolonged droughts and sea level rises.

The study found an average increase of 0.45 degrees Celsius per decade across the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean region, based on data for 1981-2019, during which the global average rise was 0.27 degrees per decade.


Monkeypox – USA

An L.A. County resident with a severely weakened immune system who has died of monkeypox is the first fatality from the disease in the US. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also assessed the case and confirmed that the death was due to a monkeypox infection.

Dengue Fever – Philippines

Philippines health authorities reported an additional 16,995 dengue fever cases during the week ending August 27, bringing the total cases to 145,341. In addition, 39 additional fatalities were reported putting the dengue death toll in the Philippines to 461.

Anthrax – Azerbaijan

Wounds characteristic of anthrax were found on the hands and forearms of six residents of the Piyadalar village of the Barda region of Azerbaijan. Subsequent testing confirmed anthrax in three of the patients.