Storms and Floods

Rainforest Floods Hit Villagers in Peru

Heavy Amazonian rain has triggered floods in the Peru rainforest leaving 31 dead and 32 injured.

Nearly 80,000 villagers have been hit after the latest cloudburst saw almost five inches of rain fall in as many hours. Roads have been washed away, crops swamped and homes wrecked as rivers overflow and flood villages.

The government has declared a state of emergency in the Arequipa and Cusco regions.

Schools and health clinics have been damaged also, along with other essential services in remote areas.

Flash Floods in Malaysia

Puchong – Southbound sections of the Puchong Highway were hit by flash floodson Monday due to heavy monsoon rains and backflow from the Klang River.

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Storms and Floods

Snow and Floods Batter Venice

Rain, snow and 40mph gusts have pummeled Venice in the runup to Valentine’s Day. The Italian city, a popular destination for lovestruck couples, has also been hit by the 15th highest tide, or Acqua Alta, in its history.

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Tugela Floods Sweep Away Homes And Families – South Africa

Two bodies have been recovered and at least four people are still missing after the Tugela River and its tributaries burst their banks, flooding homes after heavy rain in the Msinga area of northern KwaZulu-Natal this week.

Storms and Floods

Tornadoes Hit Southern USA

A swarm of tornadoes tore through several counties in southern Mississippi and Alabama on Sunday, injuring at least 10 people and ripping apart hundreds of homes and other buildings, including parts of the University of Southern Mississippi. The American Red Cross center in Hattiesburg, Miss., is completely destroyed.

Tropical Cyclone Haley was located approximately 500 nm south-southeast of Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia.

Storms and Floods

U.S. Northeast Blizzard

The U.S. Northeast started digging itself out of a blizzard that dumped up to 40 inches of snow with hurricane force winds, killing at least nine people and leaving about half a million customers without power.

Airports slowly cranked back to life on Sunday, rare travel bans in Connecticut and Massachusetts were lifted, but roads throughout the region remained treacherous.

As the region recovered, another large winter storm building across the Northern Plains was expected to leave a foot of snow and bring high winds from Colorado to central Minnesota into Monday according to the National Weather Service said.

Tropical Storm Haley was located approximately 325 nm south-southwest of Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia.

Peru, Chile and Bolivia Hit by Floods After Heavy Rain.

Torrential rain has been causing havoc along the Pacific coast side of South America, with flooding causing the deaths of at least six people in Peru.

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In the southern city of Arequipa, thousands of people were left without electricity and drinking water.

In Chile, some four million people were hit by cuts to water supply blamed on landslides in San Jose de Maipo, 30 miles (48 km) south east of Santiago.

The landslides contaminated two rivers supplying the capital’s water plants.

Torrential rain has also fallen over most regions in neighbouring Bolivia.

Authorities throughout the region complain that the magnitude of the floods is unprecedented.

High Tides

High tides and a storm surge have flooded coastal areas along the North American east coast from Nova Scotia to Hull, Sandwich and Nantucket.

Storms and Floods

Santa Cruz Tsunami Damage

As the remote Island group continues to be hit by aftershocks from the magnitude 8 earthquake on 6 February, rescue teams struggled to reach remote villages in the Solomon Islands. The tsunami flooded the nearest airstrip and left it littered with debris, preventing relief workers from reaching the region by air.

The dozens of strong aftershocks are keeping frightened residents from returning to the coast and going back to their homes because there’s nothing left, so they are residing in temporary shelters on higher ground.

Tsunami damage in Temotu province of the Solomon Islands.

Tsunami damage in Temotu 008

Storms and Floods

Winter storm Nemo in New England

Winter Storm Nemo will hit Northeast United States Friday into Saturday.

A Blizzard Watch has been issued for Boston, Eastern New England by the National Weather Service.

A coastal flooding watch is also in effect for communities in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Long Island.

All Boston Public Schools will be closed on Friday. This is expected to be top 10 snowstorm all-time in Boston!

Moscow Snowfall

The most snow since the time of the last Tsar has fallen this winter on the Russian Capital.

The 7 feet of snow that has fallen has snarled traffic and created backup on the roadways around the capital that could have stretched from Moscow to Madrid.

Some commuters who were stranded in early February took as long as 10 hours getting home.

Moscow’s snow woes follow some of Russia’s most frigid temperatures in 70 years during December.

The mercury dropped to as low as minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the country outside of typically frigid Siberia.


Floods Hit Jakarta

Flooding has inundated three regencies in Jambi, Kerinci, Merangin and Sarolangun, in Jarkarta, Indonesia. The flooding has affected 3,227 houses, leaving thousands homeless.

Storms and Floods

Avalanche in Himachal Pradesh, India

Seven people have died in an avalanche in Kafnu village, Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, India.

The avalanche also destroyed six houses. Kinnaur district has experienced continuous heavy snowfall for some days.

Relief and rescue operations are currently underway in Kafnu village of Bhaba valley.

Heavy to very heavy snowfall is forecast by Shimla Meteorological Centre during next 24 hours in the state.

Lightning in Bajura, Nepal

Lightning has killed two people in Bajura district of Nepal.

Lightning injured two others.

Landslide in Central Java, Indonesia

Landslide in Central Java has killed one person.

The landslide occurred in Plompong village, Brebes, Central Java. 5 people are reported to be still missing.

Rescue work is being hampered due to the heavy rain.

Landslide in Phuket, Thailand has killed one and injured one other.

Hailstorms have killed one and damaged crops in 80 villages of Tikamgarh, Chhatarpur of Madhya Pradesh, India.

A landslide in Shulir village in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan has injured 20 people. The landslide also destroyed 20 houses.

Storms and Floods

Flooding in Northern Iraq

Torrential rains have hit north Iraq’s Salahuddin Province, triggering floods that displaced thousands of families. The rains, which were the heaviest in 30 years, began to fall on Saturday.

Storms and Floods

Flooding in Isoka, Zambia

Four people have been killed in flooding in Isoka district of Muchinga province in Zambia. Two people died in Milongo in the flooded Kaumba River and two others died in the flooded Ntonga River.

A landslide displaced at least 20 families in Kampumbu agricultural block in Isoka district.

Flooding Zambia

Flooding in Wellington, New Zealand

Heavy rainfall caused flooding in Wellington, New Zealand.

A severe weather warning is issued for the Wairarapa, Wellington, Fiordland, Otago, Westland, Nelson and Taranaki.

Storms in Hai, Tanzania

Storms in Hai, Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania destroyed 50 houses.

Heavy rain displaced 100 families.

The storms also destroyed a total of 255 acres of maize and 177 acres of banana plants.

Infrastructure Damage

The recent floods in Queensland, Australia have damaged approximately 12 per cent of Queensland’s main roads, (between four and five thousand kilometres), leaving a damage bill of billions of dollars.

Snow across Britain – January 2013

This satellite image shows snow blanketing most of Great Britain in late January 2013, stretching from London to the northern tip of Scotland.

Greatbritain tmo 2013026

Storms and Floods


Avalanche in Uttarakhand, India

Avalanche in Dehradun district of India killed two people. Both fatalities were from Lohari village going to Bagni village to celebrate Magh festival.

They were buried under 3 ft of snow near Chuirmari Dhang.

Avalanche in Cairngorms, Scotland

Avalanche in the Coire an t-Sneachda area of Cairngorms, Scotland injured three people.

Three mountaineers were airlifted to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.

Storms and Floods


A flash flood in southern Jordan has killed an elderly man as torrential rains and heavy snowfall swept the desert country, trapping 300 people who had to be rescued.

Tropical Cyclone Felleng was located approximately 460 nm south-southwest of La Reunion and is having less impact on Madagascar.

Storms and Floods


A flash flood in southern Jordan has killed an elderly man as torrential rains and heavy snowfall swept the desert country, trapping 300 people who had to be rescued.

Tropical Cyclone Felleng was located approximately 460 nm south-southwest of La Reunion and is having less impact on Madagascar.

Storms and Floods

Landslide in Yunnan, China

Landslide in Yunnan, China destroyed 35 houses completely.

The landslide also damaged 928 houses in Zhenxiong county. The landslide displaced 712 people in Zhongtun township. However no fatality was reported.

Flooding in Mbanza Congo

At least 7 people injured in Mbanza Congo floods.

The floods in Northern Zaire Province of Congo also made 1,386 families homeless. More than 200 houses have been flooded.

Flooding in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

Flooding in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines has affected nearly 10,000 people.

The evacuated people have been living in nearby schools or moved to higher ground.

Floods have also affected people of Dipolog City, Polanco and Katipunan.

Tropical Cyclone Felleng

As of 12:00 UTC, TC Felleng was located 275 nm west of La Reunion.

Tropical Cyclone Felleng caused heavy rainfall in Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius. In Madagascar five people were killed yesterday.

Floods displaced more than 700 people in Antananarivo.

Australian Floods:

These satellite pictures show the extent of the Australian floods near Rockhampton – before and after Tropical Cyclone Oswald brought the deluge.

Queensland tmo 2013017


Queensland tmo 2013030


Storms and Floods

Hailstorm in Andhra Pradesh, India

Hailstorm killed at least 9 people in Chevella, Moinabad and Shankarpally area of India. Hailstorm also damaged several houses and crops across Andhra Pradesh.

Tropical Cyclone Felleng

As of 12:00 UTC, TC Felleng was located 300 nm west-northwest of La Reunion.

Australia – Queensland Flood Aftermath

Shock is turning to anger across Queensland’s flood-ravaged communities as authorities struggle to meet the needs of tens of thousands disaster victims. Heated scenes unfolded in devastated Bundaberg after police overruled a council plan to let residents back into the city’s north to see what’s left of their homes. Residents reacted furiously despite being told it was for their own safety.

Water police have been tasked with guarding the Burnett River in case locals attempt to cross over by boat. Police were stationed at the council chambers after residents were told they would remain locked out of the disaster zone. Police said there was simply no choice, with safety inspections still not complete. But it’s hoped residents may start returning from 6am (AEST) Saturday.

“It’s a scene of utter devastation. Houses are not there anymore. There’s roads that are not there anymore.” Dead cats and dogs litter the streets, houses have been washed from their foundations and one home is missing entirely with no clue to its final resting place. The devastation caused by ex-tropical cyclone Oswald continues to grow.

At Biggenden, between Gayndah and Bundaberg, floodwaters have spread years of rubbish build-up from a local dump across 1000 hectares of grazing land. “It’s an environmental disaster.”

The army finally arrived in the town of Munduberra, west of Gayndah, on Friday morning – four days after flood levels there peaked, flooding 100 homes and businesses in the town and the same number in outlying areas.

In North Burnett, many homes had been flooded to their roofs, and a couple of houses had been split in half and partly washed away by the force of the water. Local people, many of whom were elderly, were worn out after having been hit by floods only two years ago. They’d quietly hoped for immediate help, but it didn’t come.

The damage bill from the disaster is certain to climb into the billions, with infrastructure smashed, farms ruined, and so many homes and businesses across the state damaged or destroyed. An early estimate of farming losses alone has been put at $100 million. The Queensland Farmers’ Federation says everyone from pig and dairy farmers to sugarcane and citrus growers urgently need access to the highest levels of disaster assistance.

Still in Australia – Damaging Storms hit Sydney.

Severe thunderstorms have rolled across parts of Sydney, cutting power and disrupting train services, while hailstones have pummelled the Blue Mountains.

Mozambique floods: Death toll rises to 55

The U.N. reports that heavy rains in northern and central Mozambique on Thursday have displaced 19,000 more people, raising the total number of displaced by floods the past two weeks to nearly 170,000.