Drought, as well as frost and hail have combined to ravage Europe’s wine grape harvest, which in key regions this year will be the smallest in half a century.


Kazakhstan, the biggest wheat producer in central Asia, lowered its grain export forecast for this season and sees prices rising after drought cut the harvest by about 55 percent.

Extreme drought conditions have expanded on the Big Island, Hawaii. Scientists say the situation could persist due to a decrease in moisture-bringing trade winds in Hawaii – a trend that has been observed for four decades. The drought continues to affect farmers and ranchers on the Big Island and elsewhere in the state. Like much of the US mainland, the US Department of Agriculture has classified the entire state as being under a federal drought disaster declaration.


Due to the drought in the USA, Europe and Russia, world and US corn stocks are smaller than traders expected. US corn stocks are the lowest in 17 years, equaling a 3-week supply. USDA has cut Australia’s wheat crop estimate by 12 pct and Russia’s by 3 pct.

Corn futures were up 3.6 pct, soy up 2 pct on USDA data.

Space Events

Newly discovered Asteroid 2012 TC4 , 22 meters in size, will pass by earth on October 12th just 0.2 lunar distances away (1/5 of the way between the Earth and the Moon).

Meanwhile, newly-discovered asteroid 2012 TV was flying through the Earth-Moon system 0.7 lunar distances away (about 2/3rd of the way between the Earth and the Moon) on Sunday. The 40 meter-wide space rock is glowing like a 13th-magnitude star.


Karnataka, India is facing a drought and water levels in reservoirs across the Cauvery river basin have dropped due to insufficient rains, due to a weak monsoon.


Nearly two thirds of the contiguous United States was experiencing some level of drought by the end of August 2012, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. 39 percent of the nation suffered from severe to extreme drought. Though the numbers changed a bit in mid-September, the drought parched much of the interior United States and left both domestic and wild animals scrounging for food. The browning and withering of vegetation in the United States and northern Mexico is clear in this vegetation anomaly map.


USA Drought


At least 37 people have been killed in a ferry collision in Hong Kong. Two ferries collides off Lamma Island just outside Hong Kong. One of the ferries sank within ten minutes. The death toll is expected to rise as many passengers were trapped inside the boats.



A large, powerful extra-tropical storm system swept over Alaska, USA last week. The satellite picture was taken on 26 September.


Alaska Storm


Seven Britons were among 19 people killed when a plane heading for the Everest region crashed in Nepal’s capital.

Air Crash

The Sita Air plane came down minutes after taking-off from Kathmandu for Lukla. The aircraft crashed into a river bank and caught fire.


Health officials in Japan report that contamination from last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster appears to be waning, but some foods produced or collected in the disaster zone remain unsafe to eat.


The recent drought in Texas, USA killed 301 million trees. The latest count was determined after a three-month, on-the-ground study of hundreds of forested plots, as well as satellite imagery from before and after the drought.


An avalanche hit a team of climbers on a high Himalayan peak Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world, in northern Nepal on Sunday, leaving at least nine dead and six others missing. Ten other members of the team survived the avalanche but many were injured and were flown to hospitals by rescue helicopters.


The worst drought to hit the United States in a half century expanded in the upper Midwest and northern Plains States in the past week due to warmer and drier-than-normal weather, but loosened its grip on some central and southern areas of the country.

A lack of rain in Ghana’s cocoa-growing regions is curbing prospects for the 2012-13 crop harvest as drought is causing budding cocoa pods to wither.


Severe drought in Poland reveals 400-yr-old sunken treasures. A huge cargo of elaborate marble stonework that sank to the bottom of Poland’s Vistula river four centuries ago has re-appeared after a drought and record-low water levels revealed the masonry lying in the mud on the river bed.


Despite rain in some areas, the drought in the US continues to cause concern for farmers and food production. Over a recent six-week stretch, the U.S. Department of Agriculture designated 1,692 counties as disaster areas due to the drought. About 80% of agricultural land in the country is affected. The summer’s extreme drought is on track to being one of the nation’s costliest natural disasters since 1980.