Storms and Floods

Cyclone Sandra forms off Townsville, Australia and could either go out to sea, but it could also head for the Queensland coast as it gathers strength Thursday.

Coastal flooding in New Jersey, USA

Several people close to Toms River, Brick and Bay Head have been moved to higher ground.

New Jersey is expected to face its worst coastal flooding since Hurricane Sandy.

Coastal flood warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service for parts of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. A state of emergency has been declared in Virginia.

Tornado Hits Glascock – Georgia, USA

No injuries were reported, but several homes and a church were damaged.


Landslide in Kulyari village, Pakistan

Landslide in Kulyari village of Pakistan has killed two people and injured one.

Landslide along Nabouwalu to Dreketi highway, Fiji

A landslide along the Nabouwalu to Dreketi highway in Fiji closed road for several hours. Heavy rainfall caused flash floods and landslide in the area.

Storms and Floods

Avalanches in the Alps

At least seven people have died in avalanches in the French and Austrian Alps.

Avalanche in the southern French Alps: Four climbers died in Hautes Alpes region. The area is close to Italy.

Avalanche in Tyrol Austria: Three skiers killed including a German skier near the Hoher Riffler peak in Tyrol.

Massive Winter Storm Pounds The Northern United States

The storm has grounded 2600 flights, closed hundreds of schools and made roadways and highways impassible. At least four people were killed on Tuesday in accidents on icy and snow covered roads and highways. More than a dozen states from Minnesota to Virginia were in the path of the huge storm, which had already dumped as much as 60cm of snow in Montana and 38cm in North Dakota.

Another 1162 flights scheduled for Wednesday had already been cancelled, mainly in the Washington area. The storm was expected to hit the nation’s capital late Tuesday or early Wednesday, and some Congressional meetings were already being called off.

Floods swamp thousands of homes in Jakarta

More heavy rains have fallen in Jakarta causing floods upstream of Bogor Dam, swamping areas of the capital that had only just recovered from January’s major flood. Nearly 6,000 homes have been affected this time, with water up to 2.5 metres deep in places.

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Storms and Floods

Floods in Ecuador

At least eight people have been died in recent flooding in Ecuador. The floods occurred in Guayas, a southwestern state of Ecuador.

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Snowstorm in Japan

Heavy snow that fell in northern Japan over the weekend has killed eight people on Hokkaido island.

A woman and her three children died after their car stucked in snow. Two others were buried in Nakashibetsu and Yubetsu region

Avalanche in East Siberia, Russia

At least six teenage boys are reported to be missing in an avalanche in east Siberia, Russia.

The disaster occurred near Mugur-Aksy village close to the Mongolian border.

Dozens of rescue workers and a helicopter are still searching for the missing boys.

More Floods NSW, Australia

More heavy rainfall across northern NSW has again flooded many parts of the region’s coastal river valleys, with flood warnings still in place. Beef and dairy cattle farms in the Manning Valley are covered with floodwater.

Storms and Floods

Avalanche in Torghar, Pakistan

An avalanche in Chum Jabba village in Torghar district has killed three people, a woman and two girls.

The Avalanche was caused by heavy rainfall.

Floods – Queensland, Australia

An emergency flood alert has been issued for parts of Dalby in southern Queensland. Dozens of homes are believed to have been flooded when Myall Creek peaked at 3.21 metres at midnight (AEST), breaking its banks at north Dalby.

Floods, fallen trees after heavy storm hits Buenos Aires, Argentina. One person drowned.

A renewed round of flooding in Thailand’s southern region has claimed one life, but the situation is expected to improve in the next few days.

Storms and Floods

Landslide in geothermal power plant in Philippines kills 5

Heavy downpours from several days has caused a landslide disaster at the Upper Mahiao geothermal plant in Leyte, Philippines. The landslide killed five workers and injured other 11 with at least seven people still reported as missing.


Storms and Floods

Mudslide in Ipoh, Malaysia

Heavy rainfall has caused huge mudslide in Taman Kledang Permai in Ipoh, Malaysia. The mudslide has blocked Ipoh-Lumut highway.

Thailand authorities have declared Narathiwat a natural disaster zone. Continuous rainfall from some days has flooded almost the entire area of Narathiwat.


Tropical Cyclone Rusty

Tropical cyclone Rusty has damaged the power infrastructure in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, leaving thousands without electricity. Fallen trees and high winds have led to power outages in almost all districts. Kupang suffered a power blackout on Tuesday evening after the storm damaged the electricity cable network and forced the shutdown of a local power station.

The remnants of tropical cyclone Rusty are causing major flooding in the Pilbara catchment areas and river levels are expected to remain high for days. Around 4pm yesterday, two hours after all cyclone warnings were cancelled, emergency services said minor to major flood levels had been reached in the Nullagine, Oakover, Coongan and De Grey rivers, with further peaks possible in coming days.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Rusty

Rusty made landfall in Pardoo town in Western Australia.

A red alert has been issued by Australia’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services for Pardoo and nearby Whim Creek. Similarly a blue alert is in effect between Nullagine and Newman.

Three main iron ore ports (including Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals) in the Pilbara region (also the world’s largest source of iron ore) were closed, but Port Hedland has escaped the brunt of the cyclone.

Tropical cyclone Rusty is forecast to bring rain to most parts of the Goldfields from today.

Rusty is the third tropical cyclone in Western Australia this season.

The death toll from tropical cyclone Haruna and heavy rains that battered Madagascar has risen to 23 with 16 people still missing

A tornado between Harbour Island and Davis Island in Tampa, Florida has damaged vehicles and roofs of several houses.

Flooding in Agusan del Sur, Philippines

Recent floods in Agusan del Sur have killed one and affected 49,000 persons.

Floods across Veruela, San Luis, Sta. Josefa, La Paz, Prosperidad and Loreto have also destroyed agricultural croplands.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Rusty

Tropical Cyclone Rusty was located approximately 70 nm north-northeast of Port Hedland, Australia and has been stationary over the past six hours.

Australia’s north-west coast is being buffeted by high winds, hours before the powerful cyclone is expected to make landfall as a category four storm. Weather experts say that the slow speed of Cyclone Rusty is likely to prompt extensive flooding. As much as 600mm of rain (24in) was being forecast over a 24-hour period, the equivalent of Perth’s entire winter rainfall could fall in just three days.

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Flooding in Macedonia

Heavy rainfall has flooded around 300 homes in Josifovo, Macedonia.

Floods in Macedonia have also destroyed two bridges.

Around 20,000 people in Sveti Nikole are without electricity.

Flash floods in Kigali, Rwanda

Torrential rains have killed four people in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

Floods also damaged roads and bridges in Kigali.

Landslide in Mati City, Philippines

Landslide in Mati City, southern Philippines has killed three people.

Search and rescue operations are ongoing in the Tagabacid area in Davao Oriental.

Flooding in Kelantan, Malaysia

Flash floods have affected people in Kuala Krai, Pasir Puteh, Tanah Merah in Kelantan and Setiu in Terengganu.

All nine schools in Rantau Panjang will be closed tomorrow.

Floods in Malaysia are regular natural disasters which happen every year during the monsoon season.

Thailand authorities in Trang province have issued a ban on people playing in six different waterfalls due to concern of flash floods. Kachong and Toneplew waterfalls (Na Yong), Sairung waterfalls (Yan Ta Khao), Toete, Tontok and Lamploke waterfalls (Palian) are on alert.

Winter storm in Oklahoma, USA

Recent winter storms in Woodward have killed one person.

Winter storms have caused blizzard conditions in Oklahoma, Texas and parts of Kansas.

A state of emergency has been declared in northwest Oklahoma.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Rusty

TC Rusty has intensified to a Category 1 storm, it has an eye spanning 20 nautical miles, and is expected to unleash a significant storm surge in northern Western Australia. Authorities are warning residents in low lying areas to evacuate with a threat of flooding, high winds and a coastal tide.

Floods – New South Wales, Australia

The Pacific Highway remains cut between Kempsey and Clybucca, and again near Grafton, as floodwaters take time to subside on the New South Wales north and mid-north coast.

Across the state more that 22,000 people remain cut off by floodwaters, 10,000 of those are in the Macleay Shire

While the towns in this region have mostly been spared, large swathes or agricultural land is under water and herds of livestock are crowded on to small islands.

Eight river systems along the coast are in flood but all are steady or falling.

In the 1950s, major flooding in the region saw many farmers walk off their properties and never return. Authorities hope the same thing will not happen to this generation of farmers.

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New Flooding in Mozambique

Flooding in Mozambique has now displaced more than 238,000 people.

Zambezi and Limpopo rivers have burst their banks and caused more flooding.

More than 186,000 people are currently living in evacuation centres.

Heavy Hail in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Quarter-size hailstones have been reported in New Orleans, Louisiana. No reports of significant damage.

Storms and Floods

Rains and Thundershowers in Uttar Pradesh, India

Rains and thundershowers in Uttar Pradesh have killed two people.

Two people each from Jalaun and Etah districts died after lightning hit them.

Avalanche warning has been issued in Kashmir.

Tropical Cyclone Rusty

Tropical Cyclone Rusty forms northwest of Port Hedland, Australia.

A blue alert is issued for Broome, Whim Creek, Port Hedland and Wallal.

Heavy rainfall is forecast in eastern Pilbara and western Kimberley.

Heavy Snowfall in Finland

An avalanche warning is issued for western Lapland, Finland.

Avalanche in Croatia

One Croatian climber died, three of his colleagues were rescued after an avalanche in the mountains on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.


Storms Destroy Homes As Floods Swamp NSW – Australia

A big clean-up is underway after gale force winds wrecked houses, cut power and felled trees across parts of Sydney and the NSW south coast.

In the state’s north around 20,000 people remain isolated by floodwaters but conditions are easing as swollen rivers disgorge their extra loads into the sea.

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Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Haruna

TC Haruna has now killed 10 people in Madagascar.

The cyclone destroyed around 70 percent of the southwestern city of Morombe.

This tropical disturbance is forecast to bring more rain in southern Madagascar in the coming two days.

Unusual Landslide in Spain

Heavy rains in recent weeks have caused a major landslide in Subiza, Spain that has devastated rural roads, farms and caused serious damage to two electrical towers that are at serious risk of falling.

The landslide is located on the southeast slope of Mount of Forgiveness, towards Bells, and therefore did not affect any house in the small town of Basin, of about 190 inhabitants. The dimensions of the land mass, which dragged stones and vegetation as a result of heavy rainfall, are calculated at 800 meters long and 700 wide.

Winter Storm hits Europe

Central Europe has been swept by a powerful cyclone.

Snow caused chaos on roads in Austria, with the situation particularly grave in the east. Heavy trucks cannot cope with the icy slopes; traffic jams stretch for many kilometers. Every hour new accidents are recorded at police stations. Local officials urge drivers to put chains on the wheels.

Cold weather and snow have also descended upon Croatia: frosts have hit resorts on the Adriatic coast, the seafronts and yachts are covered with snow and ice. Local services are toiling around the clock clearing streets. According to weather forecasts, the cyclone has no intention of letting up on the Balkans.

EF-1 tornado with estimated winds of 104 mph tore a damage path 4.5 miles long across parts of Sabine County, Texas, USA just after 1 p.m Friday.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Haruna was located approximately 285 nm southwest of Antananarivo, Madagascar – currently tracking over southern Madagascar.


Flooding in Rwanda

Overall, the floods have affected around 11,346 people, especially in three districts of Rubavu, Musanze and Nyabihu, with several other marshland areas in the suburb areas of Kigali City. It is feared the floods could affect food security.

Wild Weather Causes Damage in North South Wales

Roofs have come off homes and businesses as severe weather hits northern NSW.

More than 20,000 homes between Ocean Shores and Port Macquarie have lost power as a result of the storms, Essential Energy said in a statement.

Winds up to 130km/h have been recorded along the coast.

The worst hit areas are on the coast around Ballina and Byron Bay, Yamba and Maclean, and Coffs Harbour.

U.S. Midwest Swaddled in Blanket of Snow

Powdery snow bombarded much of the nation’s midsection Thursday, leaving as much as 17 inches in some places, shutting down airports, schools and state legislatures. 30 million people are in the path of the winter storm.

Near white out conditions, thunder snow and strong winds swept into the Midwest, bringing transportation to a halt in several states.

And in the South, a wintry mix of rain, snow and sleet created dangerous icy conditions.

Floods Displace Thousands in the Philippines

Close to 4,000 families moved to higher grounds after the Rio Grande de Mindanao overflowed due to continuous rains.

Worst hit by floods riverside barangays in the adjoining towns of Kabacan in North Cotabato, and Montawal and Pagalungan towns in Maguindanao. Seven of the 11 flooded areas — Bulit, Pagagawan, Kayaga, Limbalod, Maridagao, Tunggol, and Talitay — have become ghost villages as a result of the massive evacuation of villagers.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storm Crising forms in the Pacific approximately 115 nm south-southwestward of Puerto Princesa, in the Philippines.

A flash flood caused by heavy downpour since Monday night due to tropical storm Crising left one dead in the town of New Bataan in Compostela Valley province. The flood waters in five villages are knee-deep and the lone fatality came from the village of Andap. A landslide in the village of Mambing destroyed 33 houses and roads.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Haruna located approximately 375nm west-southwest of Antananarivo, Madagascar – expected to track over southern Madagascar on Thursday.

18 Die in Storms in India

Unseasonal thunderstorms claimed 18 lives and damaged crops in southern India over the weekend.

The deaths were reported from nine of 23 districts in Andhra Pradesh state.

Most victims were killed by lightning strikes, collapsed houses and electrocution.

Strong gales damaged about 1 150 houses across four districts. Rain and hail damaged rice, maize and other crops over 252 500 hectares.

Storms and Floods

Rainforest Floods Hit Villagers in Peru

Heavy Amazonian rain has triggered floods in the Peru rainforest leaving 31 dead and 32 injured.

Nearly 80,000 villagers have been hit after the latest cloudburst saw almost five inches of rain fall in as many hours. Roads have been washed away, crops swamped and homes wrecked as rivers overflow and flood villages.

The government has declared a state of emergency in the Arequipa and Cusco regions.

Schools and health clinics have been damaged also, along with other essential services in remote areas.

Flash Floods in Malaysia

Puchong – Southbound sections of the Puchong Highway were hit by flash floodson Monday due to heavy monsoon rains and backflow from the Klang River.

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