Storms and Floods

Landslide in Umbria, Italy

Landslide in central Umbria, Italy has injured twenty five people. The train traveling towards the city of Perugia got derailed by landslide.

Tropical Cyclone Imelda

Tropical Cyclone Imelda forms in the southern Indian Ocean 490 nm west-southwest of Diego Garcia. It is forecast to cause a potential threat to Mauritius.

Other News:

Albanian authorities say continuous rainfall is hampering efforts to address severe flooding that has left hundreds of homes swamped and without electricity or drinking water for the past three weeks.

Floods sweep across several Russian regions, people evacuated. Hundreds of people have been forced from their homes, their houses ‘particularly flooded’, in a number of Russian regions where river floods have intensified over the past 24 hours due to record snowfalls.

Tornado near Denver, in Colorado, USA has destroyed one mobile house and damaged two others.

Hailstorms with hail from 1 to 2 inches diameter hit Trego, Ellis and Rush counties in northwest Kansas, USA.

Storms and Floods

Flooding in Luanda, Angola

Floods in Luanda, Angola have killed at least nine people. Four people are still reported to be missing.

The floods have damaged more than 500 homes in Samba and Coreia areas.

A road near Luanda’s port has been closed due to landslide.

Other News:

Flooding in coal mine in China. Two dead and seven people are reported to be missing in a flooded coal mine in Guizhou Province of China.

Flash floods and landslide in Penang, Malaysia. Heavy rainfall caused flooding and landslide in Penang, Malaysia. About 168mm rainfall has been recorded within three hours.

Storm in Japan over weekend has claimed the lives of at least three people. Deaths occurred in Yakushima, Hokkaido and Mie prefectures. Storm wind speeds of 41 m/s in Hokkaido and 33 m/s in Wakayama prefecture were recorded. More than 200 flights have been cancelled due to the bad weather.

Storms and Floods

Major Sandstorm Headed to the United Arab Emirates

A major sandstorm is expected to hit the UAE this weekend. The storm is expected to create a visibility of less than 500 meters.

The sandstorm was expected to erupt in Iraq and travel through Kuwait to hit the UAE on Friday, gripping the country for two days. Wind speeds of 25-35 knots are expected. In Saudi Arabia, too, a government met centre warned that the kingdom would be hit by extreme climatic conditions over the coming three days. On an average, the UAE faces between 8 and 10 severe sandstorms each year. In many cases these sandstorms can last for several hours or sometimes even the whole day, bring traffic to a standstill, forcing places of work and school to close and significantly increasing the number of hospitalizations.

Tropical Cyclone Twenty-one was located approximately 200 nm south-southwest of Diego Garcia in the South Indian Ocean.

Storms and Floods

Floods in Argentina – Update

The death toll in the Argentinian floods has risen to 59.

Tornado in Tehama County, California

A tornado touched down near Gerber in Tehama County of California. The tornado touched down just before 7 p.m. south of Red Bluff and east of Interstate 5.

Flash Flooding in Redding, California

The National Weather service in Sacramento has issued a flash flood warning for Shasta county in Northern California including Redding. The weather service predicts that excessive run off from heavy rainfall would cause flash flooding in Redding, CA.

Other News:

Hailstorm in West Nicholson, Gwanda region in Zimbabwe has destroyed several houses. Hail damage roofs of at least 70 houses in Freda Mine alone.

Storms and Floods

Floods in Argentina – Update

Flash flooding has affected at least 350,000 people. The government in Argentina has declared three days of national mourning after flash floods killed 54 people. One of the heaviest storms ever recorded moved through the province hitting both the capital, Buenos Aires, and the city of La Plata. At least 48 people were killed in La Plata and six others in Buenos Aires. The provincial governor said La Plata had “never seen anything like it”.

More than a quarter of a million people were without power in Buenos Aires by Wednesday. Thousands of cars were carried away by the floodwaters and hundreds of families had to be evacuated from their homes.

The city authorities said it was the heaviest April rainfall in a century.


Landslide in China

A landslide in Tongxin County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in China has claimed the lives of at least five people and injured two others.

The landslide occurred at 9:27 am Thursday morning when villagers were digging in a hill for a kind of fossil used as traditional Chinese medicine.

Other News

Kenya: Passenger train services along the Nairobi-Mombasa railway line have been suspended after a bridge was swept away by raging floods near Mtito-Andei Township. Police and leaders said the flash floods have cut off rail services for the last two days. Heavy rains have been pounding many parts of the East African nation, causing floods and forcing thousands of people to evacuate.

Storms and Floods

Violent Storm Kills Six In Argentina

Six people were killed after torrential rain and powerful winds battered Buenos Aires, knocking out power, downing trees and damaging homes. More than 155 mm (six inches) of rain fell between midnight on Monday and 7am on Tuesday. That is a record for rainfall in April in the Argentine capital.

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Mudslide in Arusha, Tanzania

A mudslide in Arusha, Tanzania has claimed 13 lives. Four people are still missing. The mudslide occurred at a gravel mine in the Moshono area of northern Tanzania.

Storm and Tornado in Torda, Serbia

A storm which spawned a tornado in Torda, Serbia has damaged more than 100 buildings. The tornado damage is estimated in the millions of dollars.

Avalanche in Italian Alps

An avalanche in the the Ortles region of the Italian alps has claimed the lives of three skiers.

Other News:

Landslide in Papua New Guinea kills mother and five-month-old baby. The mother was found holding tightly onto five-month-old baby under the rubble of their house.

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Hail storms in Hitchcock, Texas, USA damage seven police cars.

Storms and Floods

Summer Storm Hits Chiang Rai, Thailand

A severe summer storm in Chiang Rai province of Thailand has damaged more than 1,400 houses. It is the biggest summer storm in 50 years.

Flash Flood in Jonglei State in Sudan

A flash flood in Jonglei state in Sudan has displaced more than 12,000 people.

The Nile River flooding in Sudan has affected Jalle, Twic East, Maar and Lith payams districts.

Flooding in Kajiado, Kenya

Flooding in Kajiado district of Kenya has claimed at least four lives.

The floods have mainly affected Nkoroi, Magadi and Kiserian areas of Kajiado district in Kenya.

Other News:

Heavy rains with hailstorms have hit Islamabad and Rawalpindi areas in Pakistan.

Storms and Floods

Flash floods in Port Louis, Mauritius

The death toll from the flooding in Port Louis has risen to 11. Officials have declared April 1, 2013, a mourning day and a public holiday.

Other News:

Tornado in Peterborough, England. The tornado hit around 2:30 p.m along Fane Road, Walton. It lasted for a maximum of four minutes and only caused minor damage.

Supercell storms caused severe hail storms in Norman, western Oklahoma City, Mustang and Noble, Oklahoma.

Storms and Floods

Flash floods in Mauritius

Massive flash flooding in Mauritius has claimed eight lives. The floods have injured 82 others. Six people died in the flooding in Caudan underground tunnel.

Several accidents have been reported across Mauritius. Dozens of vehicles collided each other at Port Louis.

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Lightning strikes in Uttar Pradesh, India

Lightning strikes have claimed eight lives and injured nine others. Lightning claimed three lives in Chandauli and Meerut each, two in Ghazipur and one in Sambhal.

Avalanche close to the Glencoe Ski Centre, Scotland

One person is reported to be missing in an avalanche in the Etive Glades, close to Glencoe Ski Centre.

Around 30 people including Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team are involved in the search operation.

Other News

North Dakota Governor has declared a state wide flood emergency. The worst spring flooding is expected on the Red River in eastern North Dakota, USA.

Tornado in Hokitika, New Zealand has injured one person. The twister touched down about at 12.30am and tore off roofs from several houses including Railway Hotel Motel in Weld Street.

Storms and Floods

Landslide in Washington State, USA.

A landslide thundered through a subdivision in Washington state’s Whidbey Island north of Seattle on Wednesday, destroying one home and threatening more than 30 others.



Landslide in Puchong, Malaysia

A landslide in Puchong, Malaysia has displaced about 300 people. However no casualties have been reported.

Hailstorm in Assam, India

Hailstorm in Assam, India has injured six people and damaged more than 50 houses.

The hailstorm caused damage in the following areas: Titabor, Rajabahar, Madhupur, Tipomia, Majuli, Numaligarh and Bongaon.

Wind Gust in Australia Claims 2

A wall collapsed due to strong wind gust on Swanston Street in Melbourne has claimed the lives of two pedestrians. A 19-year-old woman was also injured.


Floods in Malawi

Thousands of residents have been rendered homeless in the area of Traditional Authority Kilupula in Karonga district following severe floods that have destroyed their houses.

Storms and Floods

Waterspout in Maguindanao, Philippines

Waterspout in Liguasan River in Maguindanao region of Philippines has killed 10 people including two children when a passenger boat sank.

There were altogether 18 passengers in the boat. Six passengers managed to survive but two are still reported to be missing

Avalanche in Glacier National Park of Canada

An avalanche in Canada’s Glacier National Park near Revelstoke has claimed the life of one skier.

Canadian Avalanche Centre has rated this avalanche 2.5 (from 1 to 5).

Storms and Floods

Landslide in West Bandung, Indonesia

Landslide in west Bandung region of Indonesia has claimed six lives. 18 villagers are reported to be still missing.

The landslide buried nine houses in Cililin village of West Bandung, Java.

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Flooding in Dar es Salaam Region of Tanzania

Heavy rainfall has caused flooding in Dar city in Tanzania. The worst hit area is Kigogo.

The rain also destroyed bridges in Kinyerezi and Vingunguti.

Storms and Floods

Snowstorm in Kiev, Ukraine

A state of emergency has been declared due to heavy snowfall in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.

Kiev received 20 inches of snow in a 24-hour period. This is what Kiev usually receives per month during this season.

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Winter Storm in Britain Continues.

Numerous roads in many regions became impassable after snow on Friday and Saturday. For Sunday the Met Office has warned that lying snow in many areas will melt on roads and pavements by day, refreezing by night to give icy patches. Some places, mainly in eastern England, will continue to get light snow, possibly up to a couple of inches. Also, snow blowing off fields in strong to gale force winds will affect some roads, especially over high ground.

Up to 18,000 properties in Northern Ireland, 10,000 in Scotland and 2,000 in Wales have been without power overnight despite efforts by energy firms to reconnect them. Weather warnings also remain in place across much of the UK after two days of wintery conditions. Two people are known to have died – one in Lancashire and one in Cornwall.

U.S. Snowstorm takes aim at Plains, Midwest

Baseball-sized hail and an early spring snowstorm forced the cancellation of more than 100 flights at Denver International Airport and closed several roads Saturday as it moved eastward, dumping more than a foot of snow in some places.

The major early spring storm brought heavy snow, severe thunderstorms and floods as it moved east across the United States on Saturday, closing highways, forcing flight cancellations and causing a pileup involving dozens of vehicles. Blowing and drifting snow closed several roads in Colorado, including Interstate 70 in both directions east of Denver to the Kansas state line.

Other News:

Three soldiers have died after struck by lightning Saturday afternoon at Upper Orakzi agency in Pakistan. Five others were injured.

Storms and Floods

Tornado in Bangladesh

A tornado has claimed 20 lives in Bangladesh, injuring more than 500 others.

The tornado overturned a bus, damaged houses and buildings and uprooted trees and destroyed crops. Affected areas are Sadar, Bijoynagar and Akhaura Upazilas of Brahmanbaria districts.

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Heavy snow and rainfall in England

The Met Office has issued amber warning for heavy rain in south-west England and snow in Wales and Northern Ireland.

There are currently 12 flood warnings in the South West of England.

A woman is said to be trapped in a landslide in Looe, Cornwall.

Other News:

Sandstorms have shut four Seaports in Egypt. The Egypt Meteorological Authority (EMA) recorded wind speed at 35 km/hr.

Nine districts of Tak, Thailand have been declared as drought disaster zones.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Cyclone Tim

Ex-tropical Cyclone Tim has crossed the coast near Innisfail in far north Queensland overnight Wednesday. Up to 300 millimetres of rain could be dumped across the Cassowary Coast over the next couple of days.

Tornadoes in Victoria, Australia

Two tornadoes hit Victoria, injuring 17 people, three in critical condition. The tornadoes hit along the Murray river and damaged several buildings in Yarrawonga, Bundalong, Rutherglen, Koonoomoo and Mulwala.

Victorian Tornado picture

Lightning in Nepal

At least five people have died in lightning strikes in Nepal. Lightning claimed lives in Sindhupalchowk, Sindhuli, Kaski and Gorkha districts.

Strong winds and scattered rain were reported across Nepal throughout the day.

Extreme Weather in Britain

Severe flooding has hit towns in west Cornwall as heavy rainfall sweeps across the county. The worst affected areas were Newlyn, Penzance, Mevagissy and St Ives.

Much of Britain faces a white weekend with widespread snow storms and strong winds, with Wales and Scotland expected to be most affected.