Dengue Fever – Thailand

In a follow-up report, Thailand health officials recently reported the number of dengue cases has topped 10,000 for 2018. Since the beginning of the year through May 15, a total of 10,446 cases were reported from 77 provinces (morbidity rate was 15.97 / 100,000 population).

Emerging Virus

A new virus that causes acute illness and even death in pigs has shown the ability to be passed on to humans, according to researchers at Ohio State University and Holland’s Utrecht University.

Porcine deltacoronavirus was first identified in 2012 among Chinese pigs. It has since caused sometimes-fatal diarrhea and vomiting in Ohio swine.

Researchers say they have found the virus can readily infect laboratory-cultured cells of humans and other species. No human cases have so far been documented, but scientists say they are concerned about the possibility.

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