Dengue Fever – Easter Island

In a follow-up to a report one month ago, the dengue fever situation on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) has grown to 13 locally acquired cases, prompting a health alert for the area.

Mycoplasma bovis – New Zealand

New Zealand, the world’s biggest dairy exporter, will spend more than NZ$880 million ($610 million) in a bid to eradicate the mycoplasma bovis cattle disease, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday.

About 1,26,000 cows are expected to be culled, mainly over the next two years, as government and industry work to depopulate all infected farms, the government said in a statement.

The disease, which is common in many countries, was first detected in New Zealand at a farm in the South Island last July and some 37 properties have now tested positive for the illness. “Today’s decision to eradicate is driven by the government’s desire to protect the national herd from the disease and protect the base of our economy the farming sector,” Ms. Ardern said in a statement.

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