Bird Flu – China

Two people in Shanghai, one of China’s largest cities, died this month after contracting a strain of avian influenza that had never been passed to humans before.

The two men, aged 87 and 27, became sick late February and died in early March. Another woman in nearby Anhui province also contracted the virus in early March and is in a critical condition.

The strain of the bird flu virus found in all three people was identified as H7N9, which had not been transmitted to humans before.

Swine Flu – India

52-year-old woman succumbed to Swine-flu at civil hospital in Rajkot.

Civil hospital sources said that she was admitted into civil hospital three days ago as a suspected Swine-flu patient and her samples were sent for H1N1 laboratory test which came positive.

At least 49 people have succumbed to Swine flu in civil hospital in Rajkot since January 2013.

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