Ebola – DR Congo

As of 5 February, 789 EVD cases (735 confirmed and 54 probable) have been reported, including 488 deaths (overall case fatality ratio: 62%). Thus far, 267 people have been discharged from Ebola Treatment Centres (ETCs) and enrolled in a dedicated monitoring and support programme. Five new health worker infections were reported in Katwa (4) and Kalunguta (1); overall 67 health workers have been affected to date.

Equine flu – Britain

An outbreak of equine flu has led to the cancellation of all horse races in Britain until February 13 at the earliest.

Three vaccinated horses had tested positive for the disease in an active racing yard, forcing the sport’s ruling body, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), to call off four scheduled meetings Thursday.

But the ban has been extended over fears the outbreak could have spread, with horses from the affected stables taking part in race meetings Wednesday.

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