Equine Disteper – NIger

Just as strep throat can run rampant in elementary schools, strangles, the “strep throat” of horses, caused by a different Streptococcus bacterium, Streptococcus equi sp equi, is highly contagious. It is also known as equine distemper. According to the African news source, Vanguard, the contagious bacterial infection has killed more than 4,000 donkeys in northern Niger.

Rift Valley Fever – Mayotte

In a follow-up on the Rift Valley fever (RVF) case increases on the archipelago of Mayotte, 63 confirmed cases of RVF as of Feb. 21. No deaths have been reported.

Leishmaniasis – Libya

The Libya Health Ministry says that the country has seen some 5,000 cases of the parasitic disease, leishmaniasis in the past six months, according to a media account. “There are currently 5,000 patients who are being treated,” said the head of the centre for disease control at the health ministry of Libya’s UN-backed unity government.

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