Hepatitis A – Ohio, USA – Update

Ohio state health officials report the hepatitis A outbreak that started last year has grown to 2997 cases. This is the second most of any of the 24 states who battled or are currently battling an outbreak. Only Kentucky has reported more (4682).

Hepatitis A – Florida, USA – Update

The Florida Department of Health reported an additional 63 hepatitis A cases during the past week bringing the outbreak total since the beginning of 2018 to 1,921, with nearly 1400 cases reported in 2019 alone. Of this total, 18 fatalities have been recorded through Apr. 30.

Foot and Mouth Disease – China

The Chinese agriculture ministry on Tuesday confirmed an outbreak of O-type foot-and-mouth disease in cattle in Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The disease was found in a herd of cattle transported to Xinjiang, with nine of the 286 cattle confirmed infected.

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