Measles – Samoa

Samoa health officials are reporting in a measles update that the there has been 4,460 measles cases since the outbreak started, including more than 100 in the past day. To date, 65 measles related deaths have been recorded, with 2 fatalities in the last 24 hours.

Syphilis – Canada

Officials with Alberta Health Services have reported a dramatic increase in syphilis cases in recent years with Edmonton accounting for the majority. In 2019 health officials put that number at 1753 cases in just the first 11 months. This is the highest number of cases in the province since the 1940s.

Diphtheria – Greece

The Greece National Public Health Agency reported this week on a rare diphtheria fatality. The case is an eight-year-old child who died on Nov. 26 at the General Children’s Hospital of Athens.

Scarlet Fever – UK

Hundreds of cases of scarlet fever have been reported across England and Wales in recent weeks, with almost double the amount of new infections in one week than the numbers recorded six weeks ago as the ‘old world’ disease continues to make a frightening comeback across the UK. The condition that caused misery for Victorian-era children is making a comeback after it was all but eradicated in Britain thanks to a century of medical advances and improved hygiene.

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