Brazilian hemorrhagic fever – Brazil

For the first time in 20 years, Brazil health authorities are reporting a confirmed case of Brazilian hemorrhagic fever. During this period, there were four cases in humans, three cases acquired in a wild environment in the state of São Paulo and one due to infection in a laboratory environment.

Novel Coronavirus – Taiwan

Taiwan health officials reported today on the first novel coronavirus case. The patient, a woman in her 50s, worked in Wuhan, Mainland China.

Novel Coronavirus – China

The Wuhan Municipal Commission of Health is reporting an additional 60 novel coronavirus (2019-NoCv) cases and two deaths. China’s mysterious and deadly coronavirus can be spread from person to person, Chinese medical authorities confirmed on Monday.

Dengue Fever – Singapore

Officials with the Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) are reporting more than 1,000 dengue fever cases during the first 20 days of 2020. To date, 1,118 cases have been reported and as of today, there are 100 active dengue clusters reported.

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