Worldwide fatalities are nearly 18 900. More than 424 000 people have been infected.

Italy – In Italy, 743 people died from the virus on Tuesday. As of Wednesday morning, a total of 6,820 people have died in Italy due to the pandemic. However, the number of new confirmed cases of coronavirus slowed down for a third consecutive day. The total number of infections in the country now stands at 69,176.

New York – Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed 4,790 additional cases of novel coronavirus, bringing the statewide total to 25,665 confirmed cases in New York State. This includes nearly 15,000 total cases in New York City..

Germany – Germany recorded 4,191 new cases of the coronavirus and 36 more deaths, raising the total number of infections to 31,554.

South Korea – South Korea has reported 100 more cases of the new coronavirus over the past 24 hours, raising the country’s total to 9,137.

Spain – The Spanish Ministry of Health reports the COVID-19 outbreak has grown to nearly 40,000 cases as of Mar. 24. Spain’s death toll has also topped 2,800, an increase in some 500 deaths and the third most in any single country. Given the unprecedented pressure on hospitals, funeral homes and crematoriums around Madrid, an ice rink in the city has been transformed into a temporary morgue.

France – The coronavirus has killed another 240 people in France, the top French health official said on Tuesday (Mar 24), bringing the death toll in the country from the pandemic to 1,100. 22,300 people had tested positive for the virus in France, with a total of 10,176 hospitalised of whom 2,516 people are in intensive care. However, the actual coronavirus death toll in France is believed to be much higher than the official figures which reflect only those deaths in hospitals and not the deaths in retirement facilities and at home.

India – India’s 1.3 billion people have joined the global lockdown triggered by the outbreak as the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern at the acceleration of the pandemic in the United States.

Dengue Fever – Paraguay

On February 18, the Government of Paraguay declared a State of Health Emergency throughout the country in response to the dengue epidemic. Through the week ending March 13, Paraguay has reported 203,922 total dengue fever cases, including 51 deaths.

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