Small Anthrax outbreak in Hungary raises alarm

Illegally slaughtered beef looks like the source of a recent Anthrax outbreak in Hungary. The beef originated from Tiszafured, a small municipality only 100 miles east of the nation’s capital city, Budapest.

Following the illegal butchering, the distributors sold the beef to an unnamed company that works in the hospitality industry operating an undisclosed number of hotels and restaurants.

So far the disease has only been reported in five individuals, all of whom have been taken into medical care by Hungarian authorities.

For those unclear, Anthrax is a bacterial disease that occurs naturally in the wild, but only earned notoriety following its weaponization by several governments including those of Russia and the United States.

Cholera in Sudan

Hundreds of people have possibly contracted the disease cholera in Wau Shilluk in Upper Nile over the past few days, according to a UN report, which said the outbreak caused seven deaths.

The UN coordination office in South Sudan stated in its regular update today that 246 suspected cases were reported in the area in a period of only 72 hours.

The outbreak in Wau Shilluk prompted a ‘major alert’ by humanitarian health organizations. The area hosts about 39,000 people displaced by earlier conflict.

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