Drought and Hunger in Southern Africa

The United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP) is increasingly concerned about food security in southern Africa where an estimated 14 million people are facing hunger following prolonged dry spells.

These dry conditions, caused by the El Niño weather event, led to a poor harvest. El Niño, which is leading to an even worse drought across the region, is affecting this year’s crop.

With little or no rain falling in many areas, the window for the planting of cereals is closing fast or already closed in some countries.

“South Africa, the major breadbasket of the region, has indicated that this El Niño-induced drought is the worst the country has suffered in more than half a century,” said the WFP.

2.8m in Malawi need food, 1.9m in Madagascar and 1,5m in Zim. A third of Lesotho’s people face problems.

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