Record Drought – China

This summer’s drought and heat in China have become the most severe ever recorded in the world. The nearly stationary heat dome has lasted longer than any other in history and has forced factories to shutter, threatening further global supply chain disruptions.

The heat has evaporated reservoirs and rivers, knocking out the hydroelectric turbines that provide power to many Chinese. China’s autumn harvest may now be lost, which could worsen the already acute global food crisis. “There is nothing in world climatic history which is even minimally comparable to what is happening in China,” said climatologist Maximiliano Herrera.

Melting Roads

The unprecedented heat that baked the Northern Hemisphere this summer has caused railroad tracks to contort, forced airport runways to be shut down and made roadways warp. The transport woes that followed have affected areas from Africa to China and even a busy highway in Cambridge, England.

Infrastructure experts warn that the world’s transportation system was, for the most part, built for a much cooler era. Flash floods from the now-frequent extreme rainfall triggered by the warmer and moister atmosphere are also eroding paved roadways and obliterating those made of gravel and dirt.

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