Global Warming

Earth Archive

A pair of Colorado State University scientists propose creating a high-resolution, 3D image of Earth’s surface in its current state before the effects of climate change alter the landscape forever.

Geographer Steve Leisz and archaeologist Chris Fisher propose scanning the planet with airborne lasers to initially capture the world’s most vulnerable locations. The same technology has been used to discover remote archeological sites.

The pair says that once completed, their nonprofit Earth Archive project would be “the ultimate gift to future generations,” which will be able to look back at Earth’s entire land area during the first half of the 21st century in unrivaled detail.

Arctic Survival

Increasingly harsh Arctic weather due to climate change could threaten the survival of plants and animals in Greenland, according to researchers from Denmark’s Aarhaus University.

They say 2018 snowfall was so heavy that it prevented almost all plants and animals in northeastern Greenland from reproducing.

Niels Martin Schmidt writes that, as opposed to the vanishing Arctic sea ice, the late-season heavy snow could be a problem if it becomes the new normal.

That’s because the Arctic growing and breeding season lasts for only a few weeks in July and August.

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