More than 200 firefighters are taking advantage of a drop in wind strength and temperatures to redouble efforts to control two fires on the New South Wales central coast, Australia.

Storms and Floods

While being stalled near the Philippines, Tropical Storm Gaemi caused flooding in the north and west Philippines, including the capital city of Manilla where more than 4 inches of rain fell earlier this week.

El Salvador has been hit by floods and mudslides after days of heavy rains. More than 120 people are dead and thousands of people have been left homeless.


5.5, 5.4 and 5.4 Earthquakes hit the northern mid-Atlantic ridge.

5.0 Earthquake hits Tonga.

2 x 5.0 Earthquakes hit Mindanao in the Philippines.

5.0 Earthquake hits north-east of Taiwan.


At least 19 elephants and two rhinos have died of thirst in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

The disappearance of nearly half of South Florida rabbit species’ habitat due to rising sea levels illustrates the mounting dangers of climate change, according to researchers. The Lower Keys marsh rabbit was once abundant along the chain of islands between Miami and Key West. But aerial photos from 1958 to 2006 show that 48 percent of its habitat has been lost due to sea level rise. Only a few hundred of the species survive on a few of the keys.


The week’s hottest temperature was 113.0 degrees Fahrenheit (51.6 degrees Celsius) at Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The week’s coldest temperature was minus 84.1 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 64.5 degrees Celsius) at Russia’s Vostok Antarctic research station.


An early fall snowstorm plunged residents of northern Minnesota, USA into winter-like conditions on Thursday, slowing travel and causing power outages while also smothering the wildfires burning in the northwest.


Five people have died and 35 have developed a rare fungal meningitis in a widening U.S. outbreak caused by contaminated vials of injectable steroid medication for back pain, according to the CDC.

Uganda’s Health Ministry has declared that the recent ebola virus outbreak was officially over, 42 days after the last patient who fell ill with the disease was discharged from medical care. This is double the maximum incubation period (21 days) for Ebola as recommended by WHO. A total of 17 deaths were reported in this outbreak.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storm Oscar, the fifteenth named storm of the season, has formed in the eastern Tropical Atlantic on Wednesday.

Tropical Storm Maliksi brushes past the Tohoku and Hokkaido prefectures of northern Japan, before moving away from land and becoming an extra-tropical [cold core] storm.

Landslide kills 16 students in southwestern Yunnan province, southwest China.


5.4 Earthquake hits the Philippine Islands region.

5.2 Earthquake hits Mindoro in the Philippines.

5.1 Earthquake hits near the coast of central Peru.

5.0 Earthquake hits the New Britain region, Papua New Guinea.


The following new activity/unrest has been reported at the following volcanos:

Havre Seamount, SW Pacific | Fuego, Guatemala | Marapi, Sumatra (Indonesia) | Tongariro, North Island (New Zealand)

Ongoing activity:

Bagana, Bougainville | Batu Tara, Komba Island (Indonesia) | Galeras, Colombia | Karymsky, Eastern Kamchatka (Russia) | Kilauea, Hawaii (USA) | Popocatépetl, México | Sakura-jima, Kyushu | Santa María, Guatemala | Shiveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia)


Nepal is hit by swine flu outbreak. Physicians confirmed the outbreak after it was detected in blood samples collected in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Sindhuli and Khotang districts.

Deadly cholera outbreak hits Accra, Ghana. 2,756 cases and 31 deaths have been reported.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storm Gaemi [Marce] intensifies over the Philippines.

Tropical Storm Nadine becomes the fifth longest surviving tropical storm in the Atlantic. Nadine is expected to bring heavy rains to the Azores – again.


5.7 Earthquake hits Kepulauan Batu, south west of Sumatra, Indonesia.

5.5 Earthquake hits the Belleny Islands far south of New Zealand.

5.4 Earthquake hits the New Britain region, Papua New Guinea.

5.2 Earthquake hits Assam, India.

5.2 Earthquake hits southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

5.1 and 4.9 Earthquakes hit near the east coast of Honshu, Japan.

5.0 Earthquake hits Kepulauan Talaud, Indonesia.

5.0 Earthquake hits the Marianas Islands.

5.0 Earthquake hits Tonga.


The rhino population at Kaziranga National Park in India, has taken a serious hit because of the two waves of floods and a spurt in poaching activities. The park, a Unesco World Heritage site, has lost 39 rhinos in less than 10 months.


Nearly two thirds of the contiguous United States was experiencing some level of drought by the end of August 2012, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. 39 percent of the nation suffered from severe to extreme drought. Though the numbers changed a bit in mid-September, the drought parched much of the interior United States and left both domestic and wild animals scrounging for food. The browning and withering of vegetation in the United States and northern Mexico is clear in this vegetation anomaly map.


USA Drought