Storms and Floods

Floods in Ecuador

At least eight people have been died in recent flooding in Ecuador. The floods occurred in Guayas, a southwestern state of Ecuador.

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Snowstorm in Japan

Heavy snow that fell in northern Japan over the weekend has killed eight people on Hokkaido island.

A woman and her three children died after their car stucked in snow. Two others were buried in Nakashibetsu and Yubetsu region

Avalanche in East Siberia, Russia

At least six teenage boys are reported to be missing in an avalanche in east Siberia, Russia.

The disaster occurred near Mugur-Aksy village close to the Mongolian border.

Dozens of rescue workers and a helicopter are still searching for the missing boys.

More Floods NSW, Australia

More heavy rainfall across northern NSW has again flooded many parts of the region’s coastal river valleys, with flood warnings still in place. Beef and dairy cattle farms in the Manning Valley are covered with floodwater.

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