Storms and Floods

Avalanche near Haines, Alaska

An avalanche in the mountains near Haines, Alaska has killed a guide for a heli-ski operationone and injured two others.

Extreme Snowfalls

Japan has had a record winter for snow, and northern Japan is currently coated by unprecedented volumes of snow – more than five meters at higher altitudes, with houses turned into igloos and roads into snow tunnels. In the Hakkoda Mountains the depth of snow has been measured at 5.61 meters – a record for Japan. Even lower down, in the city of Aomori, snow is standing at almost 1.5 meters and bulldozers have to work round the clock.

This has also been a record winter for snow in parts of Russia – a couple of weeks ago snow piles of more than five meters caused gridlock in Moscow.

Switzerland has also been experiencing dramatic snowfalls, with depths of up to three meters.

These snowfalls, especially those in northern Japan, are remarkable by any standards. But they still fall well short of the all-time record-breakers. Tamarack in California claims the record for the deepest snow ever recorded: 11.5 meters on 11 March 1911. That year, Tamarack also recorded the largest snowfall in a single month in the US: almost 10 meters.

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