Storms and Floods

Flooding in Central Bulgaria

The Danube River in Bulgaria has reached critically high level.

Code yellow has been declared for dangerous weather over the whole of Bulgarian.

Emergency situation is still effective in Gabrovo, and the towns of Dryanovo and Tryavna.

Severe Storms in the United States

A tornado in Rutherford County in Tennessee destroyed several mobile houses.

Lightning caused fire on the roof of Fairview Middle School in Franklin but it didn’t harm students.

Large hail stones injured two people in Mississippi.

Lightning Strike – New York City.

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Snowstorms in Quebec, Canada

Heavy snowstorms have hit Quebec and the Maritimes in Canada.

More than 50 schools are closed due to severe weather in Quebec.

Other News:

A tornado hit Hunan Province in China early Wednesday and has claimed three lives and injured thirty others.

Death toll from landslide north of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has risen to 24.

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Floods in Leicestershire, England continue after heavy rains with many roads remaining closed.

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