Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Indian Ocean: Tropical cyclone 02a (Vayu), located approximately 285 nm south- southeast of Karachi, Pakistan, is tracking north-northwestward at 03 knots.

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India – Tropical Cyclone VAYU formed over the eastern Arabian Sea (Indian Ocean) on 10 June and started moving north…It could reach southwestern Gujarat State on 13 June, with maximum sustained winds up to 150-160 km/h. Heavy rain with thunderstorms and strong winds are forecast over western coastal states over the next 24 hours. A strong wind and heavy rainfall warning is in effect for Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra States and a thunderstorm warning for Maharashtra States. Gujarat has already evacuated about 1.2 lakhs people from low lying areas to safer places and would complete the evacuation of 3 lakh people by 4 PM today. Similarly Diu has evacuated 8000 people and would complete the evacuation of over 10000 people by 4 PM.

Yemen – Torrential rain and flash flooding in recent weeks, culminating in widespread flooding in the second week of June, have affected thousands of families across Yemen. It is estimated that rains and floods have affected close to 70,000 people, including internally displaced people, in over 10 governorates. Hajjah Governorate is the most affected Governorate.

Colorado, USA – Rivers are raging at or near flood levels across Colorado, with plenty of snow yet to melt on many mountain ranges. With more runoff on the way and the rainy season approaching, communities are bracing for impact.

UK – Yellow weather warnings are in place throughout the UK until Thursday as torrential rain continues across parts of England, Scotland and Wales, and an Amber warning in the north east in place for tomorrow.

Greece – Heavy rainstorms and hail battered many parts of mainland Greece, including Attica. A sudden hailstorm that hit the rural region around Arta in western Greece in the afternoon seriously damaged kiwi and citrus crops, municipal authorities said. Though the storm lasted only half an hour, some crops were completely destroyed and next year’s produce may also be affected by the damage. Cities in central Greece were hit by hail and storms too, with roads and homes flooded. There was flooding in parts of Attica too, including Aghia Marina and Koropi.

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