Storms and Floods

Landslide in Ecuador

Heavy rainfall caused landslide in Ecuador which has buried at least 14 people. The landslide occurred in Tabete in the Chinca district of Esmeraldas, a coastal province in Ecuador.

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Flooding in Grafton, Illinois

Flood waters of the Mississippi River peak at more than 11 feet.

Fargo, North Dakota, is also preparing for flooding.

16 Tornadoes Tallied So Far This Year In Mississippi.

The number of tornadoes confirmed to have struck parts of Mississippi so far this year has risen to 16.

The National Weather Service reported Monday (April 22) that three tornadoes were confirmed from severe storms last Thursday in the Mississippi Delta region.

Landslide in Guizhou province of China claims 9

A landslide in Guizhou province in China has claimed the lives of nine people. At least two people are still missing.

Around 10,000 cubic meters of rock debris buried the workers. Rescue work is under way.

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