Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

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In the Western Pacific Ocean: Tropical Storm 29w (Kammuri), located approximately 340 nm east-southeast of Da Nang, Vietnam, is tracking southwestward at 08 knots.

In the Indian Ocean: Tropical cyclone (tc) 06a (Pawan), located approximately 462 nm south-southeast of Salalah, Oman, is tracking westward at 07 knots.

In the Southern Hemisphere: Tropical cyclone 03s (Ambali), located approximately 560 nm west of Diego Garcia, is tracking south-southwestward at 09 knots.

Tropical cyclone 02s (Two), located approximately 867 nm north-northwest of St Denis, is tracking west-southwestward at 04 knots.


Spain – Around a hundred people have been evacuated and dozens more rescued from their homes after severe flooding hit parts of the Murcia region of Spain. The community of San Javier, one of the worst affected areas, registered 126 litres of floodwaters per square metre in less than two hours and led to 40 people being rescued from their homes and stranded vehicles. It is part of the latest “Gota Fria” phenomenon, which literally translates to “cold drop” in English, and refers to severe rainfall during autumn.

Kenya – At least 132 people have been killed in floods and landslides caused by unusually heavy rainfall in Kenya. Around 17,000 were displaced and 11,000 livestock swept away by strong waters. More than half of the country has been affected. The rains have helped alleviate the drought conditions across the country that caused a food shortage and added to inflationary pressures, but have damaged infrastructure and farmland.

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