Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Eastern Pacific Ocean: Tropical depression 04e (four), located approximately 766 nm south-southeast of San Diego, is tracking southwestward at 03 knots.

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Malaysia – Over 1,000 people have evacuated their homes in Sabah State, Malaysia, after flooding over the last few days. Flooding began on 27 June and has since affected 152 villages across 11 districts.

Wisconsin, USA – On June 28 and 29, parts of St. Croix County received over seven inches of rain causing flooding and washed out roads across the county. The areas experiencing significant flooding are the Municipalities of Kinnickinnic, Pleasant Valley, Rush River, Eau Galle, Warren, Hammond, Baldwin, Springfield, Erin Prairie, Emerald, Glenwood, Cylon, and Forest. At one point over 50 roads were closed in the area due to flooding.

Poland – Further severe weather including storms and heavy rain affected parts of Poland on 29 June. IMGW report that several locations recorded more than 50mm of rain in 24 hours, including Bielany is a district in Warsaw, which saw 56.6 mm. The worst of the storm affected the provinces or voivodeships of Podlaskie, Masovia (which includes the capital Warsaw), Holy Cross Province (Świętokrzyskie) and Lesser Poland (Małopolskie). Over 1,300 homes were damaged by flooding, as were 241 roads.

India – Recent flooding in Assam, north eastern India, has worsened, with disaster authorities reporting that over 900,000 people are now affected. This is the second wave of flooding in the state, which began around 20 June.

China – More flooding has affected parts of Sichuan province, southwestern China, leaving over 20 people dead or missing. Flooding struck in Sichuan’s Mianning county in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture after storms brought heavy rain.

Nigeria – Dozens of buildings have been damaged after more flash flooding in Lagos State, Nigeria. Flooding was caused by a heavy downpour but significantly worsened by blocked drainage channels,

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