Storms and Floods

Deadly USA Storm Damage Update

Three tornadoes touched down near Oklahoma City, killing nine, injuring at least 71, and causing widespread destruction. Huge hail up to baseball-sized battered portions the the metro area, accompanied by torrential flooding rains, widespread damaging straight-line winds, and lightning that flashed nearly continuously. The strongest tornado, which touched down west of Oklahoma City in El Reno, has been preliminarily rated an EF-3 with 136 – 165 mph winds. The tornado warning for the storm was issued 19 minutes before it touched down. Two other EF-3 tornadoes touched down near St. Louis, Missouri.

Elreno tornado

The tornadoes have killed at least 14 people, as flooding hampered cleanup efforts in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office announced nine fatalities in the state and said five of the victims had not been identified, while the sheriffs’ offices in towns east of Oklahoma City confirmed two other people had died. In Missouri, authorities said three people died from severe flooding in the wake of the storms. Streets turned into rivers, with stranded cars submerged in water as high as their door handles in some places. A massive sink hole off a major road developed due to the deluge, halting traffic.


Flooding in Germany.

Water levels on German’s Rhine, Danube and Neckar rivers are rising steadily after unusually heavy rain, with many smaller streams also threatening to break their banks.

Meteorologists predict a continued steady downpour of rain over the coming days.

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