Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms – Roundup of Tropical Storms:

There are no current tropical storms.


Togo – Ongoing flooding along the Oti River has resulted in casualties and widespread damage in northern Togo, West Africa. In a statement of 21 September, 2020, officials said the overflow of several watercourses including the Oti had damaged or destroyed bridges and roads and left communities isolated. Homes were also damaged or destroyed. 8 people had died as a result of the floods.

Indonesia – Heavy rainfall hit parts of the island of Sulawesi on 15 October, 2020, causing floods in Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Over 5,000 people have been affected and hundreds of homes damaged. Floods struck in Donggala Regency in Central Sulawesi Province on 15 October after a period of heavy rain caused the Powelua river to break its banks. Around 5,000 residents were affected and 995 houses damaged, with flood waters said to be around 1.5 metres deeps in some areas. Flash floods struck on the same day in Toli-Toli Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, forcing 1,750 people from 350 families to evacuate their homes.

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