Typhoid – Fiji

The Fiji Health Ministry is reporting a typhoid outbreak in Naitasiri subdivision. To date, 31 confirmed typhoid cases have been reported and an additional 14 cases are classified as suspected at this time. The source of the outbreak is still under investigation.

Hepatitis A – West Virginia, USA

In a follow-up on the hepatitis A outbreak in West Virginia, through Dec. 7, 2,018 Hepatitis A outbreak cases have been reported, including 5 fatalities. Slightly more than half the cases required hospitalization (1035).

Foot and Mouth Disease – Vietnam

A new outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease has been reported among pigs in Hanoi’s Ba Vi District. Local reports say 261 pigs belonging to 19 households in six communes of the rural district have been affected by the disease. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Department of Animal Health has asked provincial authorities to kill the affected pigs. Local veterinary units have initiated vaccinations of cattle in the area and disinfected the infected farms with chemicals and lime powder in an effort to control the spread of the disease.


Leptospirosis – Israel

Israeli health officials are reporting 27 leptospirosis cases up to now, about half of them had been hospitalized. Hundreds more who visited the streams are expected to be examined, the ministry said. The bacterial infection has been linked to swimming in streams in the southern Golan Heights.

Foot and Mouth Disease – China

China’s Ministry of Agriculture reported on Tuesday an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in its central province of Henan. The O-type strain of the disease was found in five pigs at a slaughter plant, leading to the culling of 173 pigs, the ministry said, adding that the outbreak was under control. This is the seventh case of the O-type strain of the disease found in livestock this year.


Foot and Mouth Disease – Zimbabwe

The Midlands provincial veterinary officer has confirmed an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Kwekwe and parts of Redcliff. The whole of Kwekwe has been put under quarantine. There is no movement of cattle allowed for now, either to or from Kwekwe.


Toxoplasmosis – Brazil

The number of confirmed cases of toxoplasmosis in Santa Maria, in the Central Region of Rio Grande do Sul, rose to 569, according to a report released Monday (June / 2018) by the municipal and state health departments. According to the document, of the confirmed cases, 50 are pregnant women.

Cholera – Nigeria

At least 10 people have died of cholera in a new outbreak that has affected 60 more people in the Niger State of central Nigeria. In a short statement, the Niger State government health department said the outbreak is confined to the Bida local government area.

Foot and Mouth Disease – Botswana

Botswana notified its trading partners on Tuesday of a suspected outbreak of foot and mouth disease in cattle in its Ngamiland district and said it had banned meat exports from the area, adding there was no impact on exports to the European Union.

African Swine Fever – Latvia

A second outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) among domestic pigs this year has been registered Strautini farm in Kursisi county, Saldus region in western Latvia, the Latvian Food and Veterinary Service said. A quarantine zone has been established, and biosafety measures in nearby farms will be scrutinized.


Chikungunya – India

India has reported 9,175 suspected chikungunya cases through April 2018, according to the National Vector Borne Disease Control Program of the Ministry of Health. Karnataka state has reported the most cases at 4,879, followed by Gujarat (1357) and Maharashtra (966).

Rift Valley Fever – South Africa

An isolated outbreak of Rift Valley fever (RVF) has been detected on a single farm in the Jacobsdal area of Free State, South Africa, bordering Northern Cape. A total of 250 sheep deaths/abortions were documented and laboratory confirmed on 16 May 2018. No human cases have been detected to date.

Foot and Mouth Disease – Zimbabwe

An outbreak of foot and mouth disease has hit Gutu district which became the latest hard-hit area after Chiredzi in just a month, forcing the veterinary department to issue an order restricting the movement of cattle from the two districts.

Masvingo Beef Farmers Association Chairman Robert Makado confirmed the latest outbreak of foot and mouth in Gutu and blamed the veterinary department for failing to be proactive in dealing with the problem.


Lassa Fever – Nigeria – Update

Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria that began in January is now the largest on record in the West African country, according to WHO.

The acute hemorrhagic fever outbreak had reached 317 laboratory-confirmed cases as of Feb. 28, and resulted in 72 deaths, the agency reported. The outbreak has affected 18 of Nigeria’s 36 states, WHO announced. In all, 2,845 people have been in contact with patients affected by the outbreak.

Foot and Mount Disease – Kenya

Kenya on Wednesday issued an alert on mouth and foot disease across the country to help curb its spread. The disease was detected in the country in 2017 where it spread into 26 counties and has continued to date. All livestock traders to obtain a livestock permit from the local veterinary offices before moving the livestock.


Hepatitis A outbreak: Europe

An Hepatitis A outbreak has expanded to 22 European countries since the end of September – including England and Wales – and has affected almost 1,000 people. Twenty two countries were affected by the outbreak, including England, Wales, France, Germany and Italy. Since the outbreak started in June 2016, 3,813 cases of hepatitis A have been confirmed. The viral infection was mainly affecting “men that have sex with men”.

Foot and Mouth Disease: Uganda

Nakaseke district Veterinary Authorities have suspended the slaughter of cattle ahead of Christmas. This follows an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in four of the districts sub-counties.


Foot and Mouth Disease – Zimbabwe

A foot-and-mouth disease outbreak has hit Mvuma District in the Midlands Province. The outbreak is as a result of trans-boundary movements. Officials have recorded cases of foot and mouth at various dip tanks in Mvuma communal areas that border with Masvingo Province. No disease was found in commercial farms.


Yemen: Cholera

The cholera outbreak continues to spread in Yemen. 704,544 suspected cholera cases & 2103 deaths have been reported in less than 5 months. Two years of conflict in Yemen have wrecked people’s lives and left 15 million people without access to basic health care.

Venezuela: Measles

First is was malaria, then it was diphtheria, now health officials in Venezuela are reporting an outbreak of measles, according to El Carabobeno report. The vaccine-preventable viral disease that was eradicated from the country in 2014 has reared it’s ugly head in Ciudad Guayana, Bolivar State. To date, 38 confirmed and 88 suspect cases have been reported.

Chad: Cholera

The Chadian government said on Thursday that more than 50 people have died of cholera in Chad where authorities have since declared an outbreak. “We count 312 cases, including 52 deaths,” said the health ministry.

Botswana: Foot and Mouth Disease

Minister of Agriculture Development and Food Security has announced a suspected Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak in the Ngamiland area. The Department of Veterinary services in the Namanyane area, near Sehithwa Village on Wednesday detected some FMD symptoms in cattle.


Brazil announces end of yellow fever outbreak

The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced Wednesday the end of the yellow fever outbreak. The last case was registered in June. The outbreak that started in Dec 2016 accounted for 777 confirmed cases and 261 deaths. The southeastern region was the hardest hit seeing the vast majority of cases. Nearly 37 million yellow fever vaccine doses were dispensed.

Cholera Outbreak in the Philippines

More than 100 people have been sickened by cholera in a barangay, or village near the beaches in the municipality of Oas in Albay province, according to an Abante report. One individual has died. The outbreak began Saturday when residents of the area started reported symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – Saudi Arabia

Between 13 and 30 August 2017, the National IHR Focal Point of Saudi Arabia reported 12 additional cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), including one death and, and one death from a previously reported case.

Foot and Mouth Disease – Zimbabwe

The government of Botswana announced on Thursday that it has donated a vaccine for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) to neighbouring Zimbabwe in order to assist the country to tackle the current disease outbreak. Botswana, once an avid exporter of beef to the European Union (EU) faced serious challenges with several outbreaks of FMD over the last couple of years, greatly jeopardizing the growth of the country’s beef sector. Most of the previous FMD outbreaks in Botswana started in the northern and northwestern regions of the country, where it shares a border with Zimbabwe.


Foot and Mouth – South Africa

An outbreak of foot and mouth disease has been notified in Limpopo, South Africa. Although the outbreak began on 24 August, it was only notified on 31 August. Mozambique has meanwhile banned all meat imports from South Africa and has ordered increased vigilance to prevent infected animals entering the country.


Philippines – Bird Flu

The Philippines will cull at least 200,000 birds after confirming its first avian flu outbreak, but no animal-to-human transmission has been reported, officials said Friday.

Sudan – Foot and Mouth Disease

The Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries in Western Lakes State in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has confirmed the outbreak of Animal foot and mouth diseases in Manyiel cattle camp. 120, 000 heads of cattle, 19,000 goats and sheep, and 130 dogs are to be vaccinated against all forms of animals diseases.


Foot and Mouth Disease in Colombia

Mexico’s agriculture sanitation authority SENASICA said on Friday it has suspended all dairy imports from Colombia after new outbreaks of foot and mouth disease were detected in the Andean country.

Colombian authorities said two new outbreaks of the disease were discovered in the central Cundinamarca department, where there are six dairy processing plants authorized to export to Mexico. Earlier this month, Russia and Curacao, two of Colombia’s biggest beef buyers, suspended meat shipments from the Andean nation after an outbreak of the disease.

Germany reports increase in infectious diseases

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) released the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Annual Report (computer translated) earlier this week and it shows an increase in infectious diseases in the country.

They say in the report that the increases have been influenced by the increase in incoming asylum seekers, as well as partly due to their increased disease screening.

However, the change in the case definitions of certain notifiable diseases in 2015 which was only step-wise implemented at local public health authorities also influences the number of cases e.g. for hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Rising case numbers of Campylobacter enteritis, hepatitis E and whooping cough were observed in 2016.

For a large number of the vaccine-preventable diseases, e.g. tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis A, chickenpox, disease mostly occurred in non-vaccinated patients, even though effective vaccination is available.

Other notable outbreaks were: a legionellosis outbreak in Bremen with a total of 24 cases, including 2 deaths; a botulism outbreak affecting 6 and an outbreak of 6 tularemia cases which occurred during grape harvesting and were associated with the consumption of contaminated grape juice.

According to the document, Infectious epidemiological yearbook of notifiable diseases for 2016 (computer translated), also shows increased incidences of adenoviral conjunctivitis, cryptosporidium, dengue fever, enterohemorrhagic E. coli, Haemophilus influenza and leprosy, among others.


India: Cutaneous anthrax outbreak

At least five men from Kodipunjuvalasa of Araku Valley Mandal in Visakhapatnam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh have contracted confirmed cutaneous anthrax, according to Indian media. The five patients were admitted to the hospital and treated Sunday with boils that developed on their hands and fingers. It is reported that they consumed the meat of a goat infected with anthrax.

India: H1N1 influenza in Maharashtra, Malaria in Andhra Pradesh

In Maharashtra State in west-central India is reporting an outbreak of H1N1 influenza, resulting in 260 deaths, according to local media. Despite recommendations earlier this year, state authorities have yet to procure the vaccine. In Andhra Pradesh state in India’s southeastern coast has reported 6,000 malaria cases.

Colombia – Foot and Mouth

Last Saturday, Colombia’s Agricultural and Livestock Institute (ICA) reported the detection of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the department (state) of Arauca, the first since 2009. Since the news came, Chile, Peru, and Panama have suspended their meat imports, and Ecuador reported that it would strengthen sanitary controls.


China bird flu: 1st case in Shanxi Province

According to the Health and Family Planning Commission of Shanxi Province, a 66-year-old woman from Datong, Shanxi Province has contracted avian influenza A(H7N9), becoming the first such human case in the province. The patient is currently in serious but stable condition.

Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak in Rwanda

The Ministry of Agriculture has banned livestock movement from Nyagatare District following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the area. The disease was first detected on Tuesday in some cows in Gabiro area. Local farmers supply more than 60 000 liters of milk per day to local milk processors. The ban will result in a substantial loss to the local milk and beef cattle industry.